Fear The Walking Dead: Season 2 release date revealed

AMC has announced that the second season of the spin-off "Fear The Walking Dead", will begin on April 10. This season 2 will have a total of 15 episodes.

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

Fear The Walking Dead: second season cut in two parts

This season 2 will consist of two parts: a first of seven episodes in spring and the other eight in the course of 2016. Fear The Walking Dead had attracted over 10 million viewers during the season 1, before declining thereafter, reaching nearly 6.8 million viewing during the season finale.

The long-awaited sequel of this story should take place on a boat. Our heroes are likely to face an epidemic on board. The Web series Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 will end soon and will participate in the surviving cast of season 2 of the spin-off.

The Walking Dead: Season 6 resumes soon

Meanwhile, fans have their eyes on the original series, which will resume in February after a first half of very intense season. The most evil character of Comics, Negan, should make his appearance soon to Rick and the band is in a very fragile position.

Scott Gimple, director of The Walking Dead, gave an interview to TV Guide, and emphasizes the multiplicity of dangers in the sequel: "The question of whether you can live this life without having to have blood on hands remains open. Some of the scariest characters in this second half of the season are our heroes. These characters are at the top of their strength at the moment, but the problem is that the threats of the world around them are too. The second half of the season will cause shouts and tears"