Game of Thrones is inspired by the History of England

Alex Gendler has shown similarities between the War of the Roses in England in the fifteenth century and the plot of "Game of Thrones" in a video.

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

New revelation on Game of Thrones! The Story from the novels of George RR Martin would be directly inspired by the Wars of the Roses in England in the late fifteenth century.

A civil war between Lancaster and York houses

In England in the fifteenth century, Lancaster and York families will deliver a long war which started after the death of Edward III. It succumbs to the battlefield with Honors and begins a genuine dispute over inheritance rights. Henry VII became king and founded the Tudor dynasty.

The Lancaster represents the Lannister and York are the avatars of Stark, with a decisive role in French, Marguerite D'Anjou, to be a cruel son, Edward of Westminster. Two historical figures linked to Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister / Lannister. In the video below, reveals Alex Gendler all existing commonalities between fiction and this landmark period in the history of England.

Game of Thrones: A very special sixth season

You'll understand. The power is constantly changing hands between the different families for nearly a century. It was the marriage of King Henry Tudor (Henry VII) and Elizabeth of York that ended the war. The author of Game of Thrones George RR Martin has never hidden his inspirations in this historic sequence of the Perfidious Albion.

As for Season 6 of HBO, it will be great characteristic to anticipate the release of Volume 6 of Martin, Winds of Winter, and will therefore completely improvise by the writer. "I never would have thought that the series can catch up with the books, but this is the case. The show has advanced faster than I thought and I was slower. There were other factors, but the main thing. "Had the writer said on his official blog a few weeks ago.

The Game of Thrones fans have to wait until April 24, 2016 to watch the beginning of season 6 on HBO.