In The Walking Dead Season 6, a Major Character will die

Greg Nicotero, the producer of "The Walking Dead", announces that a major character will die in the next episodes of season 6.

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

While the season 6 of The Walking Dead will not resume until next February, the producer Greg Nicotero referred to in Empire magazine Comics Robert Kirkman.

Comics fans know that the Negan - the most evil character in comics - will play a major role in the second part of Season 6 of The Walking Dead. The recovery should be very hectic. Andrew Lincoln announced two months ago from AMC that "episode 9 will be the craziest of the entire series."

For his part, Greg Nicotero producer announces that "the second part of the season will be relentless and heartbreaking. If you read the comic, you know that we are heading towards a major death. "Indeed, if the series remains true to the purely Comics - which is not always the case in the chronology of the dead - the character in question should be Glenn. The latter was firmed by Negan and his famous baseball bat barbed wire, Lucille. Maggie's lover is hoped that will not experience the same fate as his avatar in the Comics.

Dispossessed of his crossbow and his bike, Biker most appreciated in the series will re-cross the road Dwight, the thief in Episode 6. But the reunion should take place under troubling circumstances for Daryl. In the prologue of episode 9, it is intercepted with Abraham and Sasha by the "saviors" of Negan. These require that Daryl and his friends recover all their possessions in the hands of ... Negan.

In an interview with Deadline, director Scott Gimple said that "we will see much more Daryl in the second part of the season. In the first part, the characters were often separated from each other, it is something that happens much less in the future. The second part of the season is very different from the first in its structure, and even the type of story they tell I think. "