Once Upon a Time Season 5: Emma and Regina relationship

Many fans of "Once Upon a Time" speculating on a future homosexual relationship between Emma and Regina later in the season 5.

While the first half of Season 5 of Once Upon a Time has just ended, a new theory on the TV show alarms following the events. Emma and Regina will they live in a relationship?

Both mothers Henry could maintain an unexpected relationship if we are to believe the latest theory of some fans who would like to see this rapprochement in the open. But Regina following her love affair with Robin and Emma has one thing in mind: to find Hook.

Other fans see the future relationship between Merida and Mulan, which already seems more likely. But the producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis are capable of anything. One can imagine that new spells are spreading Storybrooke. Rumple Dark One is back and could sow discord within the city.

The Season 6 confirmed?

Directors and producers are confident about the future of the series, despite falling significantly hearings of season 5 on ABC. The president of the ABC chain Paul Lee keeps his trust in the creators of Once Upon a Time "Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis are very inventive. They have proven in the past that they are capable of great things. It is far from a foregone such a scenario to take in hand. "Lee said with Entertainment Weekly.

Suggesting that season 6 will come, it is the response of Edward Kitsis a fan who asked if we would revisit Cora's mother Regina. The director said: "Not this year." So maybe next year ... Meanwhile, our heroes will have to fight to regain Hook in the Underworld of Hades.