Play PS2 games on the PS4 - guide

Learn how to download and install PlayStation 2 games on the PS4

The PS4 has the ability to play PlayStation 2 games via PlayStation Store. This guide will show you how to download PS2 games on PS Store for eighth-generation console, PS4, even with backward compatibility discs not yet available.

How to Find the PS2 games in the console store

With the relaunch of eight PS2 titles, PSN now has an area dedicated exclusively to classic games. With the PS4 connected, access the Virtual Store icon and go to the "Games" option. After that, locate the last tab called "PS2 on PS4." Once you have complete the purchase, the download will start automatically acquired like any other application on PSN.

In "PS2 on PS4", you can view the PlayStation 2 catalog of games available on PlayStation 4, which already includes some classic games such as GTA: San Andreas, GTA: Vice City, GTA III, Twister Metal: Black and RPGs classic Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud - both from Japanese developer Level-5. It is expected that Sony update the catalog monthly with new portability.

Although there is no significant visual improvement in the titles, they all have graphics in high definition (1080p), support for trophies and other interesting features such as compatibility with Share Play, Remote Play (feature to play PS4 in Vita) and, of course with the native tools transmission console.

Play PS2 Games, PS4 Guide

Remember that even running at 1080p, the image of the classic games cannot fill the entire screen due to the 4: 3 format. In addition, the controls were just adapted to the DualShock 4, so expect to pause the game and access the menus using the control TouchPad, for example.

Accessing PS2 games in store for the browser

As in the console PlayStation Store, view the PS2 game library compatible with the PS4 by the browser is a fairly simple task. First, open the store and click on the "Games" option. Then find the "PS2 Games" tab, positioned in the left corner of the screen to find all the old titles available for the new console.