Punch Club useful tips for a perfect start

Punch Club is a boxing management game in which you have to manage your day as effectively as possible. In the game, you have to improve your attributes always and the way to sleep, eat and make money. So the daily routine must be well planned in order to get the best for your character. The following tips and tricks will help you to workout.

Punch Club: Tips and tricks for training

- If you well rested, you can work out longer. So sleep enough and if that does not work, you buy energy drinks. The training is your path to success.
- Decide which attributes want to train and don not try everything to push up. You should work out either strength and endurance or skill and endurance.
- Certain devices at Punch Club train corresponding attributes. Pay attention before you begin your workout. An incorrect exerciser robs you merely precious time.
- The colored balls at the top of the screen show you whether you trained efficiently. When the balls in a pub incompletely, then you should move to the next exercise equipment.
- In Punch Club, you don’t need buy any exercise equipment, because they are expensive and until you have the money together, you can implement better all the time in the gym.

Punch Club: Tips and tricks for battle

The battles are not particularly easy especially at the beginning. However, you will have to fight to prove that you are worthy to take part in the ultimate tournament of Punch Club. Observe the following tips.

- Time goes by pretty fast at Punch Club, it is stopped during the fighting and eating. Know that when you do not hurry.
- The daily health corresponds to HP in the battle, which is why you should pay attention before every fight. So if you have already lost a fight behind you while health, they will miss next fight on the same day.
- For your fights you get points, which you can then invest in talent. Fight therefore as often as you can.
- If you have a fight on one day ahead of you, then don’t wait until the end of the day, because until then your attributes have declined.

General tips for daily routine

In Punch Club, you should you have enough money. Without money you cannot eat or work. However, it is dangerous, with too much money to run through the streets, because you will be robbed with high security. In the beginning you will fight against the thieves and you will then loss half your money. The journey by bus will not protect you from a robbery. More general tips and tricks can you find below:

- If you have only $ 150 here, you will not be robbed.
- If you have less than 10 dollars, Mick will provide you with free food. Even if your fridge is full, Mick will help out you three to four times with food.
- Meat may be a little expensive to buy, but it is still recommended, as you can balance equal to 40 Hunger points for $ 20.
- Pizza is also a good choice, because it returns you a lot of health.
- The evening decreasing attributes depend in part upon your level. Increases your level, the attributes fall significantly stronger.
- Make sure you get the memory capacity, a desired attribute. By drinking the "magician" you can increase an attribute and if you do increased to 4, you can freeze this stage with the memory capacity. So it saves you some training.