Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster - tips for survival

In the classic Resident Evil games, it is important that you watch your ammo and health. Each opponent has its shortcomings and should be fought wisely. In the following article we show you a few tips to help you survive in Resident Evil 0 HD.

Health: mix and survive herbs

In Resident Evil 0 HD, your health regenerates automatically. This means that you always have to pay attention, to heal you. For this you will need your herbs and first aid sprays. Whether your health is still sufficient, it shall recognize the colorful status messages:

- Green: Healthy
- Yellow: caution
- Orange: Warning
- Red: Critical

Depending on how critical your situation is, you can apply various herbal blends. Is your health red, you should pick up the spray or their mixed three green herbs to completely regenerate your health with a time may be the same. Below you can see the values of the herbal blends.

Herbals and their effects

Red - Alone ineffective
Blue - Heals poisoning
Green - Represents 25% of health restored.
Green / Green - Represents 50% of health restored.
Green / Green / Green - Represents 100% of health restored.
Green / Red - Represents 100% of health restored.
Green Blue - Heals poisoning and represents 25% Health Restores.
Green / Green / Blue - Heals poisoning and provides 50% Health Restores.
Green / Red / Blue - Heals poisoning and provides 100% health restored.

Ammunition: A never-ending search

Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered is one of the games in which you will always be in search of ammunition. Best saves your ammunition as possible from the start. Keep to the following tips and make it easier to dispense with ammunition.

- If possible avoid attacking strong enemy because sometimes you need a lot more herbs than ammunition. Run away if possible or you tried if necessary in close combat and heal you then.
- Not every opponent you meet must be killed. Some can handle it and so save ammunition. Finally, there it neither Achievements nor Items.
- Before you fire your ammo in a horde of opponents first make sure whether you can reach your goal. Maybe you can distract or lure the enemies.

During the gameplay you will encounter exotic but increasingly enemies. These monsters sometimes require special tactics to be defeated. The following list enumerates all the opponents and gives you some tips to fight the monsters.

- Eliminators: Actually monkeys are really cute, but even in the real world it can be dangerous to humans. The versions of Resident Evil Zero Remastered, will try to surround you and attack from all sides. Seek out a corner and shoots at them, but of course not wildly through the area.
- Humanoid Leeches: Your weapons cannot do much against these powerful enemies so save your ammunition. With a Molotov cocktail you can tidy them but cannot harm. Consider whether it is worthwhile to waste the rare bombs in the situation.
- Zombie Dogs: These enemies are fast and agile. If you manage to strike at them, you can eliminate it with a few rounds.
- Hunters: You can’t do much against these opponents with your guns, you have to use the heaviest weapons that you have. Seeking a safe corner to avoid them is much better choice here.
- Crows: They should be taken quite quickly. If you have the chance, then avoid the unnecessary fight. If you cannot get past the crows, then access to calm knife to fight them off.
- Plague Crawler: In principle, you should avoid fights against small and fast creatures in Resident Evil Zero HD. They often eat a lot of ammo, because they are difficult to make and in this case they share even from enormous damage compared to their size.
- Giant Spider: Do you have enough blue herbs with you; you can cure the poisoning of these monsters. If you don’t have a blue herb, you will slowly die by their attacks. Decide depending on the situation, if you want to fight against them.