The Statue is one of the trickiest puzzles in Resident Evil Zero Remastered and requires you to fire at 6 respective animal statues in the correct order to trigger, to open a locked door.

Resident Evil Zero HD: solve statues puzzle - how it works?

In the basement level E2 under the property you blocked a lattice door the way to two other rooms. In front of the closed door you can see a Statue Circle of 6 animal statues, in which there are respectively vessels, which you can burn with Billy's lighter. Your task now is to light in succession the vessels at the statues in the proper order to solve the door lock.

Here you have to fire the weakest animal in the pecking through to the strongest. If you read the text carefully, you come to the following conclusion:

The deer is torn by the wolf. The horse escapes the Wolf. The Panther overpowered the horse. The snake kills with its poison the Panther. With the eagle grasping the snake.

The order in which you must ignite the fire, accordingly: DEER - WOLF - HORSE - PANTHER - SNAKE - EAGLE.

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