Story of Seasons (3DS): Friendship guide

The latest hit for Nintendo 3DS, Story of Seasons, allows you to setup your fields, raise animals, to marry and have children. You can go on a Safari to look for rare material, or befriend with wild animals. No matter what you do with Story of Seasons, the friendship will always be a central theme. How can you raise and collect points for friendship, learn it below.

In Story of Seasons, you should find a lot of friends. You can manage to increase the friendship and there are numerous gifts that you can hand over to your friends and collect many Friendship point. Keep to the following points in order to strengthen a friendship:

- Speak the person with whom you want to befriend with, every day, to obtain 100 Friendship points.
- While talking, you should wear an outfit that the person really likes to obtain another 100 Friendship points.
- So that you can increase your friendship faster, you should also carry an accessory that likes the person. So you gain additional 100 points.
- Gift to friends to increase your friendship. But be careful, because some gifts rather destroy the friendship.
- Give your friend her favorite items on her birthday, you get extra points again.
- The loop, which wraps up with the gift should have the favorite color of the girlfriend or friend.
- Take part in events and festivals in order to obtain a particularly large number friendship points (1,000-3,000).
- Display your boyfriend or girlfriend his or her favorite animal.

These residents can be friend with you

Boyfriend Girlfriend BirthdayFavorite Gifts Horror Gift
CoronaFall 3Shortcake Turtle Soup
Dessie Spring 26Mushroom Cake Soybean Salad
EdaFall 13Hot Potatoes Crab Soup
Flik Fall 16Mushroom Spaghetti Marlin Steak
GiorgioSummer 12Penne Arrabbiata Hot Rutabagas
Gunther Fall 5Blowfish stew Steamed Broccoli
Gusto Summer 17Sharp Curry Pudding a la Mode
Jonas Winter 10Café Mocha Chocolate Fondue
LutzWinter 12Chocolate Spinach Salad
Margot Winter 11Quiche Mushroom Salad
Marian Fall 27Boiled Radish Milk Pot
Maurice Fall 22Eel Rice Chocolate Cake
MelanieWinter 28Pudding a la Mode Kimchi
Mora Summer 25Cheese Fondue Plum Vinegar Salad
OtmarSpring 17Seafood Rice Bowl Grilled Corn
Pepita Spring 20Cream puff In Chili Roasted Squid
TorqueWinter 4Marlin steak Lotus Root Soup
Veronica Fall 23High quality Zebu herb cheese Goliath Frog
WitchieWinter 8Lotus root soup Sharp Curry

In Story of Seasons, you get to know many residents. With them you can build a friendship:

Increase friendship with dealers

In the marketplace you meet numerous dealers. You can manage to improve the friendship with the dealers. In addition, the dealers sell you simple and rare items, construction plans and recipes. But buy your goods and harvest. Once the desired dealer in town, you should buy something once a day with him and sell. To collect their friendship points.

Once you go to Veronica's event - the Tea Party in the fall 25 - you will earn pluses at all retailers. If a year has passed, you can ask for special items from the merchant. Complete these quests, your friendship with the dealers is particularly grow. Do you want to know what love the traders prefer, you have the entrance to the market square to talk to Jonas.