Terraria: Kill the Final Boss Lord Moon - guide

Terraria is a fun game in sandbox style, in which players can explore maps, collect items and defeat creatures of all types and sizes. Among them is the final boss Lord Moon.

The Lord Moon is a head of Hardmode of Terraria. To invoke him for the first time, you must destroy all the four Celestial Towers that appear during the Lunar Event. You can then create your caller item, the Celestial Sigil, using 20 parts of each pillar (Solar Fragment, Vortex Fragment, and Stardust Nebula Fragment).

Preparing the Arena

For your arena, build a very large bridge you can run freely to right and left during the fight against Lord Moon. With this, you can shoot and dodge your rays and blows at the same time as well as get the chance to gain some distance and time to reclaim your life or use other potions.

At each side of the bridge to build an elevation (to halt its motion) and a small closed shelter. This arena is an alternative to the Magic Mirror strategy, since it is no longer possible to escape for him after the last updates of the game.

If using the Mechanical Cart, build your arena using Minecart Track. With this strategy you increase your walking speed and can avoid most of the damage, including the language of Lord Moon. In addition to saving many potions of life.


For this strategy, use weapons that shoot from a distance. A good choice is the Megashark or Vortex Beater with Chlorophyte Bullets. Take also the Solar Eruption. Team armor Bettle Armor Bettle with Shell and accessories team Emblem Avenger, Destroyer Emblem, Star Veil and Charm of Myths to increase attack and defense.

Other equipment that can help is the Mechanical Cart or an item to invoke an equivalent fast shipping, such as Cosmic Car Key (UFO Mount) or Blessed Apple (Unicorn Mount). It will be very useful to gain speed during the fight against the Lord Moon. However, you can use only Frostspark Boots to run the arena.

Light and use the following potions during combat: Regeneration Potion, Potion Hell, Lifeforce Potion, Potion Wrath, Ironskin Endurance Potion and Potion.

Fighting Strategy

The strategy for the fight of the Moon Lord is simple. Whether on foot or with a mount, keep running from one end to the other of its bridge, shooting nonstop. To get around quickly, it eluded most of the blows boss and avoid being caught by his tongue. Skip to escape the death ray and use the shelter with a Nurse whenever you need.

First, destroy the hands of Lord Moon. Use the Megashark or Vortex Beater to shoot Chlorophyte Bullets distance. But don’t stop. Keep your character always moving and shooting to get the most damage you can. Continue running from one end to the other to the eyes of the hands are completely destroyed.

Then attack the eye and finally the heart. Throughout the fight, continue with the strategy of hit and run until you destroy all parties. When the life of Lord Moon reaches zero, he will explode and you will get the items from the boss.