The 10 funniest / hilarious weapons in video games

Many games shines with particularly impressive and powerful weapons - but there are also titles that offer one or the other amusing diversion. From phallic symbols to animals and more.

Weapons such as the Buster Sword of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII or the Portal Gun from the Portal series are famous and indispensable part of the video game history. But it does not always iconic and impressive move in the world of weapons of choice; But on the contrary. We show you today that the object of destruction does not necessarily have to be imposing and powerful, but also able to show quite humor. Among these are things that would be identified not necessarily at first glance as a weapon or as well as items that are likely to be found in places like the bedroom. What are exactly, you can learn in this article. A total of ten funny weapons we have in store for you.

TNTeddy (Sunset Overdrive)

Sunset Overdrive offers the crazy weapons selection and the colorful world - one of the funniest weapons is certainly the TNTeddy. Instead of an ordinary rocket missile this weapon shoots bears. But this also causes great damage, stick of dynamite attached thereto and make the TNTeddy thus a perfect weapon to wreak far-reaching damage. TNTeddy is well suited in particularly against larger groups of enemies.

Nevan (Devil May Cry 3)

In Devil May Cry, you always get known very cool and impressive weapons. This is also the third part of the series. If you defeat the demon Nevan, you'll get a gun with the same name. It comes in the form of a fat guitar. Nevan is a weapon of a different kind and quite amusing!

Lulu Doll (Final Fantasy X)

Usually draw characters in role-playing games with impressive swords or similar weapons in the fight - Lulu from Final Fantasy X, however, is another aspect. With doll you can defeat your enemies and prove that there is no shame to have a soft spot for this little doll and also very good weapons - even if it makes rather the opposite appears at first impression.

Land Shark Gun (Armed & Dangerous)

A shark needs water. Or maybe not? With Land Shark Gun in Armed & Dangerous you can destroy your opponents easily, pulled the trigger and bang! A huge shark emerges from the depths of the earth and eaten your enemy in a terrible way.

Kendama (Samurai Warriors)

Oichi is a pretty young girl at the beginning of the Samurai Warriors series - for this reason it seemed silly to equip her with a bloody weapon. Thus, she has to go with Kendama.

Drill Bucket (Dead Rising 2)

Dead Rising is known for its impressive different objects - and sometimes very ridiculous. Particularly, a weapon can be put together from cordless drill and a simple bucket. The zombies have no chance against the Drill Bucket! Simply place it on the head of an opponent and see how the drill does its job.

Tuna Sword (Phantasy Star Online II)

In Phantasy Star Online II, there is a weapon called Tuna Sword. This is perfect for all players, who wanted to beat their opponents with a huge tuna.

Mr. Toots (Red Faction: Armageddon)

Mr. Toots is an Easter-Egg-weapon which comes in the form of a cute unicorn in Red Faction: Armageddon. You fart rainbows toward your enemies - this is nasty exploding stink bombs, which take no account of the life and limb. Mr. Toots is the ultimate weapon for all Unicorn and Explosions fans.

Foamfinger (Dead Space 2)

Actually, Dead Space 2 is a game in which there is not much to laugh. You walk through dark, creepy corridors and expect nasty aliens and need every moment with attacks - what could be better than a weapon that lifts the mood somewhat and makes the game a little more amusing? This of course is the foam finger. Actually, in stages, a frequently-seen item, the Foam Finger in Dead Space 2, however, is a deadly. You will receive this special item once you have completed the game on the highest difficulty level.

The Penetrator (Saints Row)

The Penetrator weapon in Saints Row is a mix of baseball bats and adult toys and makes tidy damage on your enemies!