The 100, actors reveal what's new in Season 3

Bobby Morley, Christopher Larkin, Eliza Taylor and Richard Harmon are entrusted with Entertainment Weekly on Season 3 of "The 100".

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

The interpreter Octavia Blake responds to the question of EW on the future direction of season 3: "Does The 100 talks about sun, small flowers, to rainbows and people get along well ? No ! Heads will roll, it will bleed. "It is then Bobby Morley, aka Bellamy Blake, who continues:" At first we see just how everyone has become accustomed to life on Earth. We see it a little bit, and after all the lam. "

Director Jason Rothenberg evokes the clashes that await these characters: "The conflict Grounder since Skaikru will have to find his place within the 12 clans, and the plot of artificial intelligence. "

The 100: tense relations between different groups

Bobby Morley recalls the tension between the clans. "There is always this underlying threat between the two peoples because both have what it takes to take over the other. "Christopher Larkin (Monty Green) adds that" in season 2 they were able to work together against a common enemy. Now they have more, they must learn to live together. "

The two peoples could face the Ice Nation, including Christopher Larkin says he is "the most terrifying clan 12. If you were shocked by Grounders before, frankly you seen nothing yet. "Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin) then compares the evolution of his character to that of Queen Nia:" They are both what they have to do for their people. I think they could understand, but Clarke has a good heart, not the queen of Mirrors. "

Richard Harmon, aka John Murphy, concludes: "We really see the juxtaposition between policy and those of Grounders Arkers. They are very different, but in the end the result is more or less the same.

The 100 fans have to wait until January 21 to watch Wanheda part 1, the first episode of season 3 on The CW.