The 100 Season 3: New trailer with Clarke, Monty and Bellamy!

The CW has released a new trailer for "Wanheda: Part Two", episode 2 of Season 3 of "The 100" starring Bellamy, Clarke and Kane.

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

Bellamy and try to help Kane and Clarke will face danger. Abby will consider the construction of a hospital in the old town of Mount Weather. Murphy wants to stop him on the hopes of Jaha. Artificial intelligence could trigger a catastrophe because Jaha works there.

In the video, the tension reached its climax. Clarke will have to scramble to get out of trouble, while we see an unknown army get up and walk to the groups. It lets you discover this exciting trailer:

The 100: actors tease the rest of the season

"Does The 100 talks about sun, small flowers, to rainbows and people get along? No ! Heads will roll, it will bleed. "Said Marie Avgeropoulos, Blake Octavia with Entertainment Weekly. Adina Porter, Indra, in turn evokes the features of her character: "I'm always surprised to see what it's like to be a seasoned warrior. Indra has her own approach, we walk differently with boots and a sword, I like playing a Grounder. "

Bob Marley, Bellamy Blake says: "At first we see just how everyone has become accustomed to life on Earth. We see it a little bit, and after all the lam. "Director Jason Rothenberg speaks clashes between the characters:" The Grounder conflict since Skaikru will have to find her place within the 12 clans, and the plot of artificial intelligence. ". Richard Harmon, John Murphy, said: "We really see the combination between policy and those of Grounders Arkers. They are very different, but in the end the result is more or less the same. "

The 100, the second episode of Season 3, Wanheda part 2 will air from January 28 on The CW.