This War Of Mine (TWOM) The Little Ones beginner’s guide

Twom: The Little Ones is special in many ways. While you have to fight for the survival of your residents, you will expose to the cruel consequences of the war. The trophies and achievements are secret and in their description they do not reveal much. This Twom: The Little Ones guide helpful for beginners: As with any game, in Twom you cannot survive without a functioning management. In our guide we show you how to find food and furniture which are essential.


In the anti-war game you will strongly have to fight for survival. Especially the beginning you will spend most of your time looking for food.

- Build a cocking stove.
- Although raw meat also satisfies your hunger, but it is not as nutritious as cooked. Over time, therefore you are better off with a stove.
- In particular, if your game starts in winter will collect your snow and must melt on the stove to drink water.
- If your food cooked on the stove, it cannot be looted. Cook as many meals as possible (up to 4) in order to prevent looters from stealing your food.
- If your food is scarce, then put rat traps or concerns.

Tips for furniture and crafting

Although you can crafting a lot, but not everything is immediately necessary. In the first few days you should take a good barricade to keep out thieves. Gather everything you can find. Scan every pile of rubble, cracking all the closed doors and cabinets, to get to the content. Especially wood and ingredients are important to build furniture. Before her wild craftet furniture you should keep in mind that your choices have consequences, which can also be negative. The following tips tell you what you should still be aware.

- Think about good, which really needs furniture and in your current situation.
- If you can no longer build a bed, let the inhabitants turn sleeping time. Do the sleeping hours a basis of merit.
- If you have no bed, your characters are sleeping on the floor. This sleep is not so relaxing. A bed is always better to heal injuries.
- With an improved workshop get access to the option "nail up with boards." In order for you weaknesses of your accommodation repaired three times.
- With an ax you can go hack items and thereby conserve resources. You can also use it as a weapon.

General tips for survival

If you are you in search of items in this war of mine: The Little Ones, you should pay particular attention to take medicine. Even if you don’t currently required, they will save you one day life. More general tips you can see below.

- Start the game, a random time of year you will be assigned. For starters, the winter is very difficult, the game restarts in the case and let you assign a different season.
- At game start random characters are also assigned to you. Check out their skills at precisely. If you play the game for the first time, you should visit characters who are strong in the fight, or to move around quietly. Restart the game if you are dissatisfied with the selection.
- At night you can only send a character to search for items. Select the best of the quietest and sleep let this day.
- The characters with the most free inventory slots can bring from their tour more items.
- Dedicating you in your search at the beginning or the less dangerous places.
- Sick and injured figures take longer for the search and are thus even more weakened. Let these only recovered before send them off again.
- If the temperature drops below 15 degrees, you should use an oven for heat. For this you will need a lot of wood.
- If you find other survivors, they will provide tasks for you. Participate in this, because as a reward you will gain various items or weapons and ammunition.