TWOM The Little Ones: Characters, survivors and their skills

The survival in This War of Mine (TWOM): The Little Ones depends mainly on the characters that you select. The survivors have different skills that bring advantages and disadvantages in different situations. What characters are there and what skills they have, you will find out in our article below.

All characters have a disadvantage such as smoking or drinking coffee. Supply your survivors with the appropriate items, they will work more efficiently.


Katia was born in Pogoren and left the city in order to study abroad. She was then a journalist and came back to her home, to report on the war, and to see her family. When she arrived home, she found that her family home and her family had disappeared. Katia's ultimate goal is to find her family.

Katia’s capabilities and disadvantages

- Can Bargain
- 12 Inventory Slots
- Coffee drinker


Martin is a craftsman. No matter what you find on your tour, he will guide you to build something from it. While other survivors Mechanics with much trouble, Martin is happy if he can convert items such as wood and other materials into valuable items. Here, no part is wasted. Do you want the premises in This War Of Mine: The Little Ones in like home, Martin is the right person. Martin brings with him the followings:

- Handyman
- 10 inventory slots
- Coffee drinker


Arica had a bad childhood. She grew up with a brutal father and learned the essentials of living on the street. As a child, Arica has already learned to break into houses, while remaining unobtrusive anyone. At the outbreak of the war, her father died and Arica began a new life, which unfortunately is very similar to the old. Through her experience, she is convinced that she will do very well in the New World. What this survivor can do:

- Can steal
- 10 Inventory Slots
- Smoker


Shortly before the war novel volunteered for the militia. It was merely a trial of strength against his friends. They were once like brothers and have reigned in the streets of Pogoren. Now the season is over and they are much more enemies than friends. Roman remains nothing else but to hide from his friends. The following should help him:

- Can Fight Well
- 10 inventory Slots
- Smoker


Zlata was a musician before the war, enjoying her life to the fullest. She played guitar, danced like and had regular dates. Laughter was very important for her and she could very well when her brother Tadei cheered. It was a fulfilling life. When she was then also adopted at the Academy of Music, her dream that was abruptly ended by the war. What she brings with her:

- Can Encourage
- 10 Inventory Slots


Before the war, Pavle was a famous footballer. Good enough to afford a house in a better neighborhood. He lived there with his wife and son and was just happy. When war broke out the character lost his family and don’t know if he will ever see her again. Pavle believes that a footballer in the war has no benefit. But he forgets that he is much faster than most of the survivors. What Pavle can do?

- Can run fast
- 10 Inventory Slots


This survivor was a true hero before the war. He worked as a firefighter and has saved in his life for many people. Together with his colleagues, they broke in burning houses and be presented to the fire. Marko had never believed that he would see worse suffering than what he has experienced so far. In times of war the former hero has to be afraid of his neighbors. Marko brings with him the followings:

- Can sent Looting
- 15 Inventory Slots


Before all hell has broken out on the earth, knew most Bruno from television. He had his own cooking show and a restaurant. But that's not all. Bruno traveled a lot and cooked the local dishes. When war broke out, he was in Pogoren and now does not want to leave. The food shortage is for the cook is a challenge, but he copes better than all the other characters. Bruno brings with him the followings:

- Good at cooking
- 10 Inventory Slots
- Smoker


Cveta is to survive unsuitable character at first glance. She has her statement after any significant benefits that your group would be of benefit. Here these survivors may be something particularly well - with kids. Especially in this war of mine: The Little Ones, this is a valuable skill. She loves children and even more she loves to take care of them. Cveta brings with her the followings:

- Good with Children
- 8 Inventory Slots