Unlock most powerful and best weapons in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is the third installment of the cult action franchise released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the title brings one of the largest maps ever created in the history of games, with a fully destructible open-world paradise. To bring chaos in the enemy bases, the protagonist Rico Rodriguez needs to get powerful weapons. See this tutorial how to unlock and get the most powerful and best weapons in Just Cause 3:

Capstone Hydra

The rocket launchers Capstone Hydra, one of the most coveted weapons of game, shoot five rockets by firing, extremely effective to blow up several objects at once. The item is in Cava Grande, the main base in Prosper Province.

Location: N 45 649 and 40 663


One of the first heavy weapons to be unlocked in the Rebel Delivery, the UVK-13 is labeled in the game's description as an "anti-everything weapon." The rocket launcher can be acquired rechargeable release area Vigilator Sud, in Sirocco.

Location: N 38 434 and 41 580

Fire Leech

This is another category of weapons rocket launchers. Known as Fire Leech, works with aiming locking system for up to eight simultaneous targets, meaning it is perfect to bring down helicopters and tanks at once. Go to Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blau, and kill everyone and everything to get the item.

Location: N 48 006 and 33 946

CS Negotiator

The first weapon to be unlocked category grenade launchers, CS Negotiator shoots fast ammunition to detonate on impact. We need to find the isolated prison of Le Galera in Sirocco Sud (make no mistake, the place is a small island), to enable the equipment.

Location: N 36 965 and 44 324


Undoubtedly, the UPU-210 is the most powerful rocket-propelled grenades from the available options. Considered older brother of Negotiator, this device shoots grenades six high impact in a single shot. Will be available after you blow up the base Spy Bassa in Petra Province.

Location: N 42 032 and 36 767


Excellent sniper rifle to cause high damage to a single target. Although it is able to pierce any object, the USV 45 SOKOL suffers from high retreat as well. Open the map, place the marker on Vigilator Nord - the foundation that keeps the entire northern part of Insula safe source - in the Plagia Province, and destroy all the objects highlighted in the scenario.

Location: N 42 308 and 45 050

CS110 Archangel

Unlike USV 45 SOKOL, the CS110 Archangel has cushioned recoil and speed fast recharge, the ideal choice for snipers. To unlock the gun, clean the military base Spy High, in Capite Eastern Province.

Location: N 43 804 and 36 328

Urga Stupka-210 (Exotic Weapons)

Finally, the extremely potent mortar URGA Stupka-210. Can be unlocked once all 23 ancient tombs of Insula Source region are found.

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