XCOM 2: Classes, All heroes - guide

In XCOM 2, you have the opportunity to take five different classes in your team to fight against the new threats, Aliens. So your team must be well balanced and strong enough to re concur the earth. Below we show you the available classes and their strengths.

Sharpshooter / Sniper
Psi Operative / Soldier

Sharpshooter / Sniper Classes

It's always good to have a class like the sniper in your team. In XCOM 2, you can also train your ranged specialists for close combat. He takes his gun and distributed surpluses that provide enormous damage. In skill tree of both talent finds his different skills that can combine with each other to achieve the best mix for you for this class in this way.

Grenadier Classes

This class specializes in heavy weapons and explosions. Decide for a career as an explosives expert, your Grenadier is shining with masterful face attacks. Here you can even use your heavy weapon and grenade without ending a round. Decide for the career as a shooter, you can destroy your enemy armor and handing out high critical damage.

Specialist Classes

Do you remember the little monsters, called Gremlins? You have the classes of XCOM 2 only the name in common. The specialist cann’t only attack with this support drone, but also chop enemy technologies on distance. The other direction in which you can train this class, is the support. Let the specialists strengthen your team, rather than to be a great hacker.

Ranger Classes

With the Ranger you can finally defy the aliens and master the melee of your life with a sword. For slightly longer distances, you can also equipped this class with a shotgun or an assault rifle. The Ranger can be used as a killing machine or as a scout. No matter how you decide, it will strengthen your tactics in the fight against monsters.

Psi-Operative / soldier

This class is the product of years of laboratory work and you realize most of the white hair and violet eyes of Psi-soldiers. Equipped with an assault rifle and a Psi-amp can channel his psychic energy and maximize the damage. Use the defensive or to have the offensive capabilities of this class in order to protect your team. Especially helpful is the ability to "control", with which you can manipulate your opponents by mind control.

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