Black Ops 3 Awakening: weapons rebalancing, bug fixes Update 1.05

Find out details about Black Ops 3 (DLC) Awakening update 1.05. The program, weapons rebalancing, bug fixes all kinds and anti-cheat system more efficient. After launching its new expansion pack, Treyarch announced that patches are almost operational.

Added 5 new maps with the DLC Awakening

Der Eisendrachen (Zombies)

Fix bugs related to general multiplayer Black Ops 3

- Fixed a bug allowing players to vote indefinitely to the previous map.
- The mode Champ Libre, Nightmares and Dead Ops Arcade 2 now available from the Bonus menu in the main menu.
- Improved harmonization gain EXP through the various game modes.
- Fixed a bug where the specialists weapon window showing the basic accessories models and accessories models chosen by the player.
- Fixed a bug where players were unable to navigate the menu Provocations if a new provocation is available.
- Adding missing rapid rotation icon in the Workshop.
- Fixed a bug where ratings were not properly reset after a player has used a Prestige Token.
- Fixed a bug where the menu Create-a-Class does not update immediately after buying a pack Extra Slot.
- Adding a Colorblind mode.
- Adding Anti-cheat support.

Fixed bugs related to Black Ops Gameplay 3

- Fixed a loophole that allows players to move quickly slipping after a jump.
- Fixed a bug where the fact of being crouched move or to not properly reduces the sound of footsteps.
- Fixed bugs affecting the rate of encryption key gain in the different game modes.
- Hardcore in the scorestreaks AI-controlled no longer will be ejected parts:
- Cerberus - Controlled AI
- Talon - Controlled AI
- Wraith
- RAPS Drones
- GI Unit
- Fixed an issue where the progress of weapons specialists were not included in the game modes with sleeves.
- Fixed a flaw where players could receive encryption keys without having to play in the parties.
- Teammates can not damage the Scorestreaks allies Hardcore.
- Fixed a bug where players could place turrets under water after using Rejack.
- Fixed a flaw where players could get Hellstorms repeatedly without having earned.
- Fixed a bug where players could take a turret so that they control the HC-XD.
- Fixed a bug where the General Melee Mothership could not be locked by the launchers.
- Adjusting the logic of spawns for the Lightning Strike to better match the blast radius.
- Adjusting logic spawns in MME and Elimination Confirmed to increase the chances of reappearing with your team.

Updating the Black Market

- Players can now equip provocations, gestures and themes Specialists Black Market result screen for unlocked Specialists.
- Updating shopping and entertainment FX Black Market.
- Fixed audio problems with Black Market when players are accessed during matchmaking.

Update Fashion Studio

- Fixed a bug when trying to view a clip in the highlight reel exclude the player to the menu.

Update Shop

- Fixed a bug with the confirmation of purchase of Extra Slots to ensure the updates icon immediately.
- Fixed a visual bug after buying the CoD Points .

Updated: Battle Report

- Players can now see the combat reports of other players by selecting the player and selecting the option in the "Player Details" menu.
- Players can now compare their statistics with their friends in the battle report.

Updating Specialists

- Nomad

- Improved speed of Rejack.

- Reaper

- Equalizing the volume footsteps at the same level of other specialists.

- Spectrum

- Reduction of the remaining tonnage available if the player dies using Flayer.

Updated: Create a class


Improving the efficiency of Rapid Fire on all weapons.


- Reducing speed late sprint.
-Fixed a bug where the player could not be visible on radar when firing.

Assault Rifles

- XR-2
- Improved stability of sight.
- Improved recoil control.

- Improved stability of sight.

- Improved stability of sight.


- Argus
- Increase the reach of mortal harm.

- Increase the reach of mortal harm.

Machine guns
- Improved stability of sight.

Sniper Rifles

- Improved stability of sight.
- Special
- Brass Knuckles
- Adding spark to the provocations.


- Not confer increased damage against the robot Last Stand.
- Knows more armor obtained by holders of the drone in the uplink.

Listen asset
- Reducing the audible area.

Updating Scorestreaks

- Increased health of the delivery vessel.
- Increased AI targeting speed.
- Improved accuracy of AI.
- Increased the damage of AI.
- Improved accuracy missiles.
- Increased speed missiles.

- Increased damage radius.
- Increased speed miniature bombs.
- Increased target radius.

- Increased health.

Drop ship of RAPS
- Increased health.

Divine wrath
- Fixed a bug where the damage inflicted drones inside buildings.

- Fixed a bug where the HUD Hellstorm was visible in the final Killcam Raptor.

GI Unit
- Increased number of lures drop ship by two.
- Increased health of the delivery vessel.
- Increased duration to 90 seconds.

- Fixed an error where the Hater no longer showed the enemy after the death of the player.

Adjustment and rebalancing multiplayer maps

- Breach
- Adjusting the geography of the portal coalescing offices to ensure a more homogeneous path in this area.
- Fixed a flaw where players could reach the top of a building and have an unfair advantage over other players.

- Fixed a bug where the AI-controlled scorestreaks were able to follow the players through the walls of the pavilion.

- Improvement of the road traveled by the IM Unit.
- Update the blue car profile to reduce the lack of commitment.
- Editing cover objects Domination and Demolition to reduce the lack of commitment.


- Fixed a bug where players could get an advantageous position and unfair on one of the roofs.


- Fixed a bug where players could leave the playing area near the south gate.


- "People" will replace "Moshpit" next season. "People" presents a Domination game mode mix and Elimination 6v6 Confirmed
- Confirmed Domination and Elimination will be added to Arena rankings.
- Fixed a bug where the publisher's user interface emblem remained on the screen behind the pre-game sequence Pro series.
- The default custom classes no longer contain prohibited items.
- Removing step of the voting cards.

Improved Game Modes

- General melee
- A defeat would have more when the player joins a game in progress.


- Fixed a bug where the limits of point appeared more if an ally controlled the area.

Last Stand

- Adjusting the time of victory

Search and Destroy

- Fixed a bug where players were not inactive ejected parts.
- Updating rules on the conditions of the time limit. If the score limit is reached in the handle 1, it sets the time for round 2.
- Changing the rules of extension: the game ends if the team that set the time to beat in the extension of the handle 1 mark one or more points in the extension of the handle 2 before the opposing team.
- Players can no longer catch the drone just after scoring, the drone is reset when the score changes.
- Fixed an issue where players were able to simultaneously take the drone and a turret.
- Reduced bonus score for Kill wearing the drone.

Capture The Flag
- Reduced bonus score for Kill carrying the flag.

Custom parts

- Fixed a bug where the settings CTF were present in the user interface.
- The titles are now displayed in the lobby with the game mode and map.
- The official variants have been added to the Hardcore and CWL rules (Call of Duty World League)
- An "Official" badge is displayed in the lobby for official game modes variants.
- Fixed wrong description of the rules and victory conditions in CTF.

Updated CODcaster

- CoDCaster enabled for only-bot matches.
- Fixed a bug where the Caster could start the match before the players are connected.
- The list of players will close when scrolling players.
- Player names now appear with the right color when using custom color.
- Fixed several UI issues in connection with hardpoint games.
- The radar will now display when hardpoint is disputed.
- The flag carrier of the indicator should appear in CTF games.
- The casters can now see the objective indicators in the list of players when a player took a goal.
- Fixed a bug where a player protects / banishes multiple objects and that only the first item is displayed.

Fixed bugs related to the Invitation to Lobby

- Fixed a bug where the group size of the player is set to 1 through the Multiplayer menu Zombies menu.
- Fixed crash when one accepts an invitation for a cutscene.
- Fixed several bugs where players could exceed the group's size limit in various situations.
- Fixed several bugs when we joined a party outside of the game.
- Players can now make invitations during the campaign.

Challenges and medals

- Fixed a problem when one gets the head "Cannibal" Nomad for a Supply Drop and displaying the wrong element.
- Fixed an issue where images of some of the challenges do not appear in the post-match report.
- Fixed an issue with the "Collateral" getting the medal Hardcore after a rapid sequence of kills.
- Fixed a bug with the "Clutch" medal that was obtained improperly if you kill the last player of the opposing team.
- Fixed an issue where the kills with grenades did not count in the challenge.
- Fixed an issue where a turret kills achieved with strategic parcels were counted in the challenges "Heavy Cover".
- Fixed an issue where the challenge "Falk Jacket" was counted in the Arena mode even if the player had not released for public.
- Fixed problems with the challenges:
- "Engineer Prestige"
- "Now You See Me"
- "Run and Gun"
- "Blast Suppressor"
- "Gunfighter"
- "Secondary Gunfighter"
- "Covering Fire"

Fixes problems related to Fashion Zombies

- Additions of daily challenges.
- Back to the "Ready" in the Zombies menu.
- Fixed an issue where players could get the Master Prestige.
- Improvement of balancing arms.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong GobbleGums consumed inventory.
- Fixed an issue where players could be excluded from the games in 4 shared screen.
- Fixed issues where Flash effects were not done on several weapons.
- Added bonus "Death Machine" on Shadows of Evil and The Giant.

Shadows of Evil
- Balancing weapons.
- Fixed several flaws where players could exit the map.
- Fixed an issue around an Easter-Egg quest that prevented a player to complete the quest.
- Fixed a rare issue where players could not start a Easter Egg-if they got a specific weapon.
- Increased visibility of the bottles "Lil'Arnie".
- Fixed some visual problems near the altar Beast in the Canal.
- Fixed a bug where players could take the sword while they were in beast mode.
- Fixed a flaw related to the gauge of the level 2 sword that does not drain properly.
- Fixed an issue where players could buy / take items as they transformed from beast to human.
- Fixed a bug where the GobbleGum "Pop Shocks" remained active while the player was in beast mode.
- Fixed an issue where players could not run on the walls after a host migration in the hall of the Pack-A-Punch.
- Fixed an issue where players could prevent Margwas to appear during the rest of the game.

The Giant
- Correction of faults where players could leave the playing area near the area "Animal Testing".
- Fixed a fault where the player could go below the map near the "Catwalk".
- Fixed an issue where the player could be blocked by a crash bug near the KRM and the power switch.

Dead Ops Arcade 2
- Dead Ops Arcade 2 is now available in the main menu.
- Dedicated menu with added support for public parties.
- New rankings for Solo / 2 player / players 3/4 players.
- Support for the local 4-player.
- The player guards (Robots and Skeleton) can not be faced.
- NPCs should no longer trigger the end of the handle.
- Fixed a bug where upon death, the player reappears with 1, 2 or 4 boosts (depending fate).
- New object: the golden egg, a rare post-inning object 60. The egg hatches and provides Extra Life items.
- Update Fate of Firepower: If obtained, all catches arms begin level 2 (red); the basic weapon is the Death Machine Level 2 (red).
- Update Fate of Friendship: The default weapon is a machine gun level 3 (purple).
- Update Fate of Favor: The Golden chicken turns until level 3 weapons (purple); the golden chicken leaves 3 golden eggs after the ritual dance.
- Several bug fixes to the problem of invisible Shadow Man.
- Logic Anti-Kiting solo.
- Fixed various problems in the small window of possible dead when exiting a vehicle.
- Reducing the score given to increase direct damage against the boss.
- Fixed problems in the small window of possible deaths at the end of Radins Rally.
- Fix for zombies pushing head towards the player into a VTOL.
- Correction for the loss of the ability to run fast if the player dies after Redins but won the upgrade Force temporarily.
- The turrets can not pick up objects.
- At death, the gems appear correctly and may be collected.
- The umbrella itself now gives skulls.
- Correct the progression Room of Fate if the player captures stones fell until all others have landed.
- Correction for the controls of a player who is not properly set when joining a party that is for FPS.
- Change in the logic of the Room of Judgement to focus on the skill and remove the chance a player will always be rewarded.

Bug fixes related to the Solo Campaign

- Fixed an issue where the challenges were not registered after finishing a level preventing players from getting challenges "Combat Distinction" and "Campaign Master."