Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: how to get Exp / level up fast

In this guide to Digimon Cyber Sleuth, we will show you three different ways to get many experience points (XP) and also you will learn some useful tips on level up your Digimon quickly that help you to increase your chances in the fight against the enemy in the Colosseum.

With the following three different tricks you can get experience points quickly.

1. Offline Colosseum
2. Complete Cases
3. Platinum Sukamon or Numemon

Offline Colosseum

Go to the fourth floor of Nakano Broadway and use there the arcade machines. Euro task is to quickly complete some battles in Survival Mode. As you can chose to not heal, select the best team for these matches. Particularly difficult are not fighting, but they help you in the process of leveling your Digimon quickly.

Complete Cases

With these sidequests you can level up your Digimon quickly. Your task is to meet someone to fight Digimon select or to find items. With the cases you cannot earn a lot of experience points first, as they are very simple and are therefore not particularly well rewarded. But stay tuned, because the cases are severe, and the reward turns out better. Particularly suitable here fighting against strong Digimon. This helps you in most cases.

Quick leveling with Platinum Sukamon / Numemon

In this case, you need at least a Platinum Sukamon or Numemon to earn XP quickly. This led fight in the active team. Thanks to a passive ability, the number of experience points increases after the fighting and is a Platinum Sukamon in your team, this ability will not trigger. Once you have Sukamon and another Digimon that can enforce the opponents well with AoE Attack, more Platinum get you a higher bonus on experience points and can thus level up fast. You can use the following Digimon to obtain a Platinum Sukamon quickly:

- Etemon
- Motimon
- Keramon
- Vademon
- Hackmon
- Hagurumon
- Metal Mamemon

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