Dying Light: The Following Buggy upgrades / modification tips

The gameplay of Dying Light The Following is enriched with a robust buggy. In the large and sprawling outskirts of Harran, you need this car to cover long distances and destroy hordes of zombies in an open field. Once you have the buggy equipped with upgrades and weapons, you will be able to use it for numerous races and challenges. In this guide we give you some useful tips to modify your new set of wheels in Dying Light - The Following.

The buggy overcomes any terrain. Nevertheless, you should prefer to drive on roads or railway tracks, so that your car parts are not damaged. Increase stunts and daring jumps while your driver level, but should be treated with caution. Also falling and the ramming of undead flesh, add your buggy to damage. At the wheel of the car you can see the vehicle parts at the bottom left of the screen. If a part is damaged, it starts to glow red.

Watch your driving! You must have fun and rows round zombies, but still should keep an eye on the condition of your vehicle.

Tactics against zombies

Simple and stray-dog rolled over with ease. Against larger chunks such as the Rammer (eng. Goon) you have no chance. A clash with this creature deals your buggy to considerable damage. The particularly fast and aggressive revenant, jump on your car if you are not traveling fast enough.

Here you can enjoy a buggy on...

The suicides zombies are the most dangerous they add you and your vehicle too much damage when you meet them or get too close to them. You better try to get around them so instead of bringing their explosive parts of the body to burst.

You should drive at night. You pursue Shadowhunter that it depends only with a nitro upgrade.

Find Gasoline and Perform Repairs

If you continue to running with your buggy, you will need sooner or later gasoline. Look for abandoned cars and trucks near streets or drive to the nearest gas station. Search the fuel tanks of vehicles, remove the screws from the hood and take a look in the trunk for additional loot. Here are some tips on how you can find gasoline:

- Trucks have two tanks. One on the left and on the right side of the vehicle. Here you will find particularly a bottle or a gasoline can.
- Go to the highway, on the map on the elongated line (from the north to the south). On the bridge there was during the erupting apocalypse probably a traffic jam. Here are especially a lot of cars.
- Military vehicles, ambulances and police cars provide you particularly rare materials, weapons and upgrades.

To recharge the buggy you need to press the button indicated. Before you do that, you should make sure that the zombies have freed - fueling can sometimes take a little longer.

Trucks are particularly interesting.

The screws are needed to repair your buggy. Each built-up part can only be renewed three times. Afterwards you need to look for new components.

Blueprints for components

The blueprints for your buggy. As mentioned above, components can be repaired at mostly three times. With a little luck you may find new parts in boxes or abandoned buildings. Alternatively, use blueprints to manufacture them.

Upgrades and Weapons for your buggy

The following five parts can be used to improve your buggy:

- Turbo
- Motor
- Drive
- Brakes
- Suspension

We recommend with increasing driver stage to activate the nitro of your buggy and continue to improve. In race it gives you an important advantage.

If you collect a lot of screws, you can even fix weapons to your buggy:

- Flamethrower: Kill Zombies at greater distances.
- Crash protection: Unstoppable while roaming the countryside. Your Buggy also takes less damage in collisions with dead flesh.
- Electric cage: Keeps you all zombies at bay, jumping on your car.
- UV spotlights: You have slightly better visibility of hidden zombies at night.

Painting and Optical Tuning

With exceptional finishes and bobble dolls in the cockpit, it lifts you visually from other online players. So you know exactly what Buggy is yours. Most paint jobs and bobbleheads you will receive after completing certain missions. Some can be found in the game world. Here are two finishes that we have already found:

- Black Widow: In the southeast of the rural area is a cemetery. Here you can see a large angel statue that stands in front of a wall. Move it behind the wall and collect the paint.
- Cultist: Make your way to the farm of Yasser and go to the south. Here you will find a cairn, which is accompanied by a river. In the water you will find another paint for your buggy.

Races and Challenges

You can finish a race with your buggy, gain valuable blueprints. The higher the difficulty, the better the reward.

We recommend you to start with easy race, because you need an upgraded buggy for the difficult challenges. So, attends races on easy and normal, and unlock new parts and then move to the harder challenges.

Make your buggy available for other players

In the menu, select to the online tab. Here you can set whether your buggy to be available for other online players or not. Provide you the control to "off", you are the only person who can clamp behind the wheel of your buggy.

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