FIFA 16: Top six Women's Teams in the game

FIFA 16 is the first edition that includes women's teams. The game is available for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One, brings the top football teams in world, like United States, Germany and Brazil.

In all, there are 12 nations led by women. See the list below, what are the top six women's teams of the famous football game to help you choose which team to play. Only one of the rosters has five full stars.

1. United States

The women's team of the United States comes to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, as the champions of the competition. US are the ones that complete the five stars in FIFA 16. With an attack of 83, midfield and defense 84, 82, they make up an average of 83 points.

2. Germany

Germany finished the last women's football World Cup in fourth place. In FIFA, however, it has the second best team. The grade point average is 80.6, with 85 attack, midfield and defense of 79 to 78.

3. France

The team of France is also highlighted in FIFA 16. With a very balanced team, the French are behind the Germans for very little. The numbers are: 81, 81 and 79, to attack, midfield and defense, respectively. The final average is 80.3.

4. Brazil

The canary selection could not be left off that list. Led by Marta, Brazil has the best game of the attack, along with Germany. With an average of 79.6, the attackers added 85 points, joining the 79 of socks and 75 of the defenders.

5. Canada and Sweden

Canada and Sweden are tied in fifth place. The final average of the two teams is the same: 76.6 points. While Canadians have an attack of 76, half of 80 and defense 74, the Swedish has a strength of 79, 76 and 75, for the same categories.

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