Layers of Fear strategy guide / tips

In Layers of Fear you slip into the skin of a painter and join on a journey through a mysterious and ghostly house. Here you will be simply thrown into the deep end, because there is not a history in advance. Everything you want to know about your character and his past are based on photos, interpret notes and other notes. The more evidence you find, the clearer is that tragedy has brought you here and now in this, and why do you actually limping. The following tips and tricks will help you prepare for the psychedelic horror game.

- Lighting: When you enter a dark room, first look around if there is any table lamp or other light source. It makes easier to recognize you finds.

- Open all doors: Even if they cannot be opened, attempt at least. Pay attention to whether a door to the inside or to the outside is opened.

- Note changes: Before you leave a room, you ascertain whether you have opened all doors and cabinets. Remember that in some rooms that you have to enter again, suddenly could be doors that were not there before.

- Item icons: If you can investigate something, it is marked with a magnifying glass. But this will only appear when you are closed enough to the object and targeted directly.

- Collectable: First, you better leave all collectibles here, you just need to focus on the lack of the second pass. The trophy and the achievements you will unlock anyway.

- Sound: Pay attention to the noise. Whispering voices tell you when you are in the vicinity of an important group object.
Layers of Fear: Collectibles

In Layers of Fear There are three types of collectibles:

- Rat Drawings
- Family Mementos
- Whispered words

While you explore the house, however, you will encounter more objects that give you clues to the painter's life and his family. Often they confirm what you have already learned by the Collectable. Once you find all three types of objects, you will get the trophies and achievements.