Minions Paradise earn money, doubloons, tips to level up fast

Minions Paradise, this is not the first appearance of yellow figures on the smartphone (Android / iOS). With Minions rush there is already a time-consuming game in app format. Minions Paradise brings the true protagonists of the "Despicable Me" movies again on the small screen on the go and links up successfully to the gameplay of The Simpsons: to Springfield.

- The aim of the game is to build your own dream island for Minions.
- Here you can choose from various items like bananas, trees, whirlpools and numerous buildings.
- In addition, it is necessary to collect in the best strategy game-style resource and manage.
- The social component is not neglected. In various community events you can share your gaming experience with other players.

Minions Paradise: Earn money

In Minions Paradise, you can build an attractive island, but you need to harvest raw materials such as ice, sea shells, coconuts and more. New building and decorative objects requitre Sand Dollars. But how can you get money in Minions Paradise?

- The awkward Phil provides you always new tasks. Solves the tasks and you will receive money as a reward.
- In addition, you should regularly look past the Celebration Station and at the team task panel. Also there can be found new mini-missions waiting to be solved for money.
- In addition, you can sell surplus commodities to the captain.
- With boards and ropes you can increase the storage. If the bearing is not large enough to find resources and no place will be lost. If you have too many objects in the warehouse for which you will find no use, sell them.

Minions Paradise: Free doubloons

As with virtually any free app, in Minions Paradise also available premium currency. This is the rare doubloons. Using these doubloons the construction of buildings or the mining of raw materials can be accelerated. Compared to the sand dollars the doubloons are, however, difficult to obtain.

- The rare doubloons should not be spent on the acceleration of the (waste) construction.
- Save the premium currency rather to unlock additional workshop spaces or to buy rare building.
- Free doubloons there, by gathering enough experience and a level rises.
- Furthermore, you should definitely participate in team tasks with your friends. Again, there are free doubloons.
- In addition, it is recommended to stop by again at the mini-games. Again, one way or another free doubloon pops out.

On the Internet, there are some sites that promise you a Minions Paradise hack and free doubloons. This is however not a valid cheat codes, but mostly fraudulent sites with a subscription trap or to steal your access and account data. Developers offer the game for free, Minions Paradise cheats are therefore not provided.

Minions Paradise: Levels and new friends

To level up faster in Minions Paradise, you must also get experience points. In the game app is the so called Party Points.

- The Party Points are awarded mainly through the doing of Phil’s tasks.
- In addition, you should keep an eye on the Celebration Station. Meet the needs of Minions and it hails more free Party Points.
- Moreover, Build regularly in recreational objects, bring your Minions islanders fun.
- This unlock new Celebration Station tasks, you must first produce Party inventories in the workshops.
- Shipyard regularly a view of the bay. There, sometimes find a glowing blue bottle. Once you click it, there are free XP and doubloons for the Minions Island.

As with Simpsons-Springfield it also helps Minions Paradise, if you have a state number of friends in the game. With the friends you can attend and earn as free doubloons Party points and money for their tasks.

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