Once Upon a Time Season 5: Cast is confirmed for Zelena Regina

While Season 5 of Once Upon a Time will resume in a few weeks, the producers reveals the faces of young actresses who will play the role of Zelena and Regina during their childhood.

Isabella Blake-Thomas, will play young Zelena. The latter will be aged 12 years and introduce magic before returning to confrontation with her father. Ava Acres play for her role as Regina 10 years old. This actress has starred in Crazy Ex-Girldriend and Agents of SHIELD.

Edward Kitsis said from the US TV Line website: "We have absolutely no completed Zelena. The history of Zelena to Oz with Dorothy, will be linked very significantly to our plot in the Underworld. "You can view pictures of the two actresses below.

Once Upon a Time: unexpected reunion in the Underworld

In this second part of the season, we'll see Cora find her daughter in sequences that will project us in the past of two characters. As for Zelena, we should also see in the Underworld.

"The Underworld does not include that of the wicked. There's a lot here, but this is not Hell, rather a kind of in-between place full of people with unresolved cases. This is what we will explore. Our hero will meet many people from their past - good or bad - and other characters they have never met before. This will cause many complications and lead our characters in a really difficult situation." Said Adam Horowitz in an interview with ET Online with his friend Edward Kitsis.

Once Upon a Time episode 12 of season 5 will premier on ABC on March 6.