Once Upon a Time Season 5: first picture of Hades revealed

While the Once Upon a Time Season 5 will return in less than two months, ABC has unveiled the first image of the leader of the Underworld, Hades, played by actor Greg Germann.

Hades will appear during the 100th episode?

The people of Storybrooke will undergo a severe test in this second part of season 5 of Once Upon a Time. The Underworld Hades is led by a formidable leader with blue flames on the hair and caustic humor.

In the photo we see Hades with its flames, smiling. A new character that should shake up the series and make the task very difficult to Emma and her friends. The Underworld is the place where fans gather many old characters.

Once Upon a Time: The Underwold, a very mysterious world

In an interview with ET Online, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis the address below this world famous. "The Underworld does not include that of the wicked. There's a lot here, but this is not Hell, rather a kind of in-between place full of people with unresolved cases. This is what we will explore. Our hero will meet many people from their past - good or bad - and other characters they have never met before. This will cause many complications and lead our characters in a really difficult situation. "Trust Adam Horowitz.

Milah, the former love of Rumple and Hook, will appear. "Milah has a strong connection with two of our main characters. We do not want to spoil anything, but ... Would not it a weird if she met Emma? Emma and her, they could have a pretty awkward encounter. "Confess Edward Kitsis.

Once Upon a Time episode 12 of season 5, entitled Departed Souls will air on ABC on March 6, 2016.