Street Fighter 5: earn quick Fight Money (FM) game currency

Street Fighter 5 introduces Fight Money (FM), a game currency with which you can buy DLCs. Thus Capcom wants to reward the players who are concerned over a longer period with the intense fighting game. Those among you, who have devoted much time and effort in the game, get free access to six new DLC characters. Here we give you tips on how you can get Fight Money in Street Fighter 5.

Earn Fight Money quickly: Street Fighter 5

So far, there are two methods were announced, with which you can earn Fight Money in Street Fighter V:

- Leveling characters
- Complete Daily Challenges

To level up the characters, you have also different ways. First, you can play through the story mode of a selected character and thus increase its level. Here you also earn Fight Money for each level up. The individual battles are not hard and also not many. There you have the opportunity to earn some quick FM.

Another way to level up your character's survival in survival mode of Street Fighter 5. This is a little more difficult and requires much more practice. However, you will just get much Fight Money in this mode. Click on the link to survival mode for the tips to survive. The higher the level of the character, the levels of the combatants is more difficult. It is recommended to play different characters, as you can earn more Fight Money. Finally, it is of course also possible to earn FM in multiplayer mode.

Street Fighter V - complete challenges

Another way to earn Fight Money in Street Fighter 5, are challenges. This can be daily, weekly etc… There are as well different levels of difficulty, which decide how high the FM gained.

Imagine a fact that you must also use different fighters. As you can see, the whole thing boils down, that you do not always playing with Ryu or Ken. Those who specialize in different characters will leave their real money in your pocket and only Fight Money can be used to unlock selected extensions.

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