Teen Wolf Season 5 episode 15: new clip featuring Scott / Stiles

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

In a new video released by MTV, Scott and Stiles will aim to make out of Eichen Lydia House.

Lydia soon saved by Scott and Stiles?

Scott continues to collect his pack. However, it lacks a key member to strengthen the group: Lydia. She is still retained in the Eichen House and remains in a vegetative state. Scott could count on help from Theo to rescue the woman.

According to the synopsis of the episode, Stiles' last chance to create a plan to get out of Eichen Lydia House. Unbeknownst to Scott and his pack, Theo has his own plans for Lydia. "The goal will be very different for the two characters.

Teen Wolf: season 6 already in the pipeline

In an interview with "Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast" Linden Ashby - alias Sheriff Stilinski - reveals about the rest of the series, and said he had echoes of season 6 from producers. It is hoped that Scott and his group will be reached by then to get rid of Dread Doctors and bring Lydia safe.

"The story of season 6, as it was told to me so far, seems phenomenal. She's really great. I'm really looking forward to turning. It's about things really, really scary, but that are not necessarily related to monsters. Many adult themes will be discussed. It's very complex. And I expect that with a big smile, simply because I think it will be downright awesome." It is hoped that the sheriff will continue to survive until then.