Teen Wolf Season 5: A new death expected in the next episode

Last night MTV aired the new episode of Teen Wolf, season 5. Lie Ability, Scott and his group were stuck in Eichen House and they were desperately trying to save Lydia. Now that we know the outcome of this perilous mission, eagerly awaited the result. The trailer of episode 17 just came out and the result looks complicated for our heroes.

A death in the next episode of Teen Wolf

In Teen Wolf, one must expect everything! Jeff Davis deprives to kill our favorite heroes. In the trailer, we see Scott and his pack tried to cancel the match held at Beacon Hill High School. Indeed, Dread Doctors are waiting for the full moon to the beast is more powerful and faster than ever and so complete their mission. One can also see that a massacre in a school bus. Would the beast behind the killings? All that is known is that the creature should attack someone could die. But the trailer also reveals good news: the return of coach. This character has been absent all season and it's nice to see him finally!

But then what character will die? Stiles? Scott? Liam or Hayden? The answer in a few days ...

Tyler Posey, future director of Teen Wolf!

Interviewed by Larry King, Tyler Posey, the hero of Teen Wolf, was speaking on the rest of the series. He even small revelations of the season 6. The young man revealed: "I will direct an episode. Hopefully, it will be in the second part of season 6. We have cut in two, I began to work and to gather as much information as possible to all directors. "

For those who have not seen the episode 16 of Teen Wolf , here is the trailer: