The Vampire Diaries Season 7: episode 12 new trailer revealed

After a very exciting episode 11, The CW unveils the trailer for Postcards from the Edge, episode 12 of season 7 of The Vampire Diaries.

In episode 11, Damon has burned the body of Elena! An unconscious act during which Damon was hallucinating from Henry. The vampire does not seem to forgive such a crime and confesses the truth to his brother Stefan.

The images of when Damon realizes that the burned body is that of Elena (not Henry) continue to haunt him. Our hero decides to take part in battles against other vampires, organized by Julian. Damon put his life in danger, greatly worried Stefan.

Damon's brother is wanted by Rayna, played by Leslie-Anne Huff. "She tracks down those who have a scar X on the body, such as that Stefan in the future. Clearly it is the hunt and its primary prey. She will do everything to uncover it. "said actress Anne Wersching in an interview with TV Guide .

Producer Caroline Dries explains in more detail the events that await Stefan, with the Stone of Phoenix: "We saw Stefan and Damon both be stabbed by the sword, we will begin to understand what is happening with this mythology. Everything is connected. Once we understand the rules of the sword, who owns it and who is forced by the sword, essentially killing vampires, all this will make sense. "