The Walking Dead Season 6: Andrew Lincoln teases episode 9

While the season 6 of The Walking Dead resumes in less than a week, Andrew Lincoln teases episode 9 in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Andrew Lincoln: "Everything will move very fast"

According to the interpreter Rick, events will considerably accelerate in the second half of the season. "All I can say is that everything is accelerating. We spend one or two speeds, and everything is moving very fast. Many things happen one after the other to bring us to the final. "

He then referred the case of survivors of Alexandria, "you will find the answer very quickly in the new episode. The writers have done something clever, and we have all the answers shockingly terrifying but brilliant! "Tell me there, before returning to the arrival of the group Rick Alexandria:" This is a community that works, and everything was working fine until we arrived. There is a leap in time in the first episodes. You will understand why we remain in Alexandria. "

The Walking Dead: Carl in danger?

The words of Andrew Lincoln do not reassure fans of the comics. In the comics by Robert Kirkman is when Rick and his family decided to leave the city that Carl takes a stray bullet in the eye. It is unclear whether the producers of the show will go to the end in their scenario, although many elements suggest that after the season 6 will draw heavily comics.

"We will resume exactly from the end of the final mid-season. Alexandria is invaded. Rick and the kids are all covered in guts, trying to pass through the crowd. Everyone is where we saw the last time and things get worse from there. " Report by Robert Kirkman with Entertainment Weekly.

Fans of The Walking Dead will have to wait until February 14 to see No Way Out, episode 9 of season 6 on AMC.