XCOM 2: The best Mods at a glance

In XCOM 2 Mods are contributed by the developers of the Long War Studios since launch. Here we show you an overview of best mods in the game.

To install mods

Once you have XCOM 2 installed and the Steam Launcher starts, you can reach the workshop under the Play button of XCOM 2. This opens the steam side of the workshop, where you can browse through all the available mods and decide which you wish to install. Then go as follows:

- Click on the mod you wish to install.
- A new window with more information about the Mod appears.
- About the green button on the bottom right you can then download and subscribe Mod.
- Then starts the launcher of the game again.
- You see a list of all your downloaded mods.
- Before you click on the Play button, don’t forget to activate the mods.

XCOM 2 Mods of the Long War Studios

The Long War studios consist of the three developers John Lumpkin, Rachel Norman and James Karlson who are eagerly working on modifications for XCOM 2, which is exclusively playable on the PC since February 5. Already for publication there first mods, which extends the main game to useful functions. Other mods are to follow in the future.

Notoriety acquired the Long War Studios by the "Long War" Total Conversion Mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and enlargement XCOM: Enemy Within, not only to other programs extended the Games, but also new content and missions. Thus, the modification was virtually a free extension to the main game, which raised enormous especially the difficulty.

One of the first mods that make the Long War studios for XCOM 2 available, include:

- SMG Pack Mod: This mod integrates three new Submachine Guns into play. The one different for the three arms in XCOM 2
- Muton Centurion Alien Pack Mod: This mod is a new type of enemy. The Muton Centurion is stronger than the normal Muton and can strengthen his allies with a buff.
- Leader Pack Mod: Soldiers can be with leaders. About an upgrade in the guerrilla tactics-school you can learn new skills 10, of which a soldier can get a maximum of 5. Pro Mission you also are allowed to take only one leader.

The best XCOM 2 mods of users

Besides the official Mod Support the Long War studios, there are of course a multitude of other mods of users and fans of the game. In general, to make the use of mods have a backup of your files and the memory object. In the table below, we show you the best mods for XCOM. 2

Free Camera Rotation

This simple mod allows you more precise camera control as in the main game. So you can get a better view of the battlefield and combat situations and plan accordingly. Pressing the Q and E keys you can move the camera freely with the mouse. A single press of E or Q rotate the camera 45 degrees.

New Countries

As the name implies, this mod expands the available nations in the game to 21 other countries. It is Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Cuba, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Denmark, Iceland, Uruguay, Jamaica, Croatia, Oman, Slovakia, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Hungary.

Custom Face Paints

This gives you 10 new faces painting to individualize your soldiers. These include a painting à la Braveheart, a fashionable flash or streaked with blood face.

Disable Timers

This simple mod takes you all the hassle and ensures that the mission timer is turned off in all non-story missions. This excludes the UFO and terrorist missions. This mod does not turns off the Achievements of XCOM 2: but you might want to increase the difficulty a bit, so it is not quite easy.

Capnbubs Accessories Pack

Two new headgear awaits you with this mod (it adds to the game two new Berets). One with decorative XCOM logo and another in camouflage style.

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