Fix your new TV Automatically Turn Off by itself

When a TV automatically turns off by itself for no apparent reason it is likely that the problem is in some parts of the internal system. Electrolytic capacitors, cold welds, loose bolts and the printed circuit board can influence the malfunction of the device, but they do not require the user to buy a new TV.

Check out all of the major issues that affect TVs and how to identify them. See also tips to solve. It is important to remember that some components require a minimum knowledge of electronics.

Electrolytic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors are small parts in a cylindrical shape, which have the function of maintaining stability within an electrical circuit. The capacitor works by regulating the energy variations of its grid.

If the power grid provides more energy than it should to the electronics, the play takes over and stores inside, leaving only the correct amount. If the power grid provides less energy than necessary, release some of the energy that is stored within it, so that everything works correctly and stably.

However, it is possible that during the manufacturing process some capacitors have defects that go unnoticed. Thus, the components will stop on your TV that, by not having the necessary electrical stability, goes off alone sporadically.

The solution to this is to identify the capacitors that are in trouble and thus replace with a new one. It is important that new and not used as these parts have a relatively short shelf life of up to five years.

The so-called cold welds are those points where the solder ruptured, or broken. This piece causes bad contact: a processing chip, an electrolytic capacitor or even a track circuit.

The more cold welds the electronic circuit TV has more problems, instabilities and the TV will have sudden shutdowns. The poor contact of the welds can happen to just about any component, so it is good to do a general inspection.

Ideally redo all welds, even strengthening those that are in good condition. Thus you ensure that all components of your TV are securely in place.

Loose Screws

The printed circuit board of the TV is probably attached to the chassis by means of several bolts of different sizes. Especially in the models LG, if these screws are loose or loosened, the TV may have poor contact and thus off alone. This happens when, for example, trying to connect a flash drive, an HDMI cable or the antenna cable.

Although this problem is more common on TVs from LG, the impasse can happen on any television, regardless of brand. Thus, the solution in this case is to open the back of your television and tighten all the loose screws. It is a simple process that requires no knowledge of electronics.

Printed circuit board

It may also happen that the printed circuit board on your TV has burned for any reason. It may have been a short circuit, over voltage its electrical network or any liquid that has fallen on the plate.

In such cases, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. Just take a service for professionals to exchange for another main board.

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