Get rare Skins / Outfits for you weapons in The Division

First of all, it is true that you can get weapon skins or outfits in the usual manner in the Tom Clancy's the division. However, it is just very rare, if the specific requirements have not been met. The search for weapons skins will also remain tedious and yet you will get at least one new outfit for your arms every day.

To get your new weapon skins in The Division you need to expand your base of operations. Dedicate to especially the security wing, because there you can unlock replenishment line. For this we need only 400 stocks of the security wing supplies. In this way it appears the clothes merchant or the merchant appearance dates in the base. There you can buy a weapon skin daily.

Every 24 hours (about 1 - 2am) clothing dealer has a new outfit for weapons on offer - so look back regularly. Unfortunately, there is no way you to view the skins before buying and so will need to invest your money in order to see them. The following skins we bought from the clothes merchant and display them under the products Photo gallery.

- Digital Winter
- Flecktarn - Daenische M84
- Flecktarn - SWAT
- Compact Grey
- Red tape
- Ticker Tape Swedish M90

Find weapon skins

Although very rare, you can find also weapons outfits in The Division. You have to raise your Intel collecting value so your chances of finding a skin increase. What is your bonus Intel picking, you can quickly check it in the menu under the tab. There is the section exploring and below you will also find your bonus picking. The value you can increase more than 100%, and thus find your chance of weapon skins increase enormously.

Is your value high enough, then you can go out and kill your opponent. These can then also occasionally return a new weapon skin. Go to the Dark Zone, there the chances are good to find weapons outfits. In Dark Zone you can even find MP Midas from level 30. It is completely gold and thus not only looks great, but also has neat oomph.

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