Labyrinth: Terrible accident on the set Dylan O'Brien seriously injured!

Shooting is always a source of many risks, and especially that of an action movie. Despite all the precautions taken, a terrible accident occurred on Labyrinth - Maze Runner: The Death Cure!

The first part of the Labyrinth was released in 2014: The Labyrinth is adapted from a science fiction novel written by James Dashner published in 2009. Like the famous Hunger Games and Divergent, the book is part of the dystopian genre, a register very popular with Hollywood, which depicts a fictional world where any chance of happiness seems utopian, with mostly young characters as a hero. We remind you the synopsis of the film: When Thomas regains consciousness, he is trapped with a group of other boys in a giant maze whose plan is changed every night. He has no memory of the outside world, aside from strange dreams about a mysterious organization called WCKD By connecting some fragments of his past, with clues he discovers in the maze, Thomas hopes to find a means of escape.

Currently filming the third installment of the Labyrinth: The Mortal Cure, the film crew has been dropped following the serious accident of Dylan O'Brien. It happened last Friday, the actor was severely hit by a car and urgently transferred to the hospital. He suffers from multiple fractures but he is apparently not in a critical condition, which is a great relief for all! The director Wes Ball immediately showed reassuring on social networks: "This has been a whirlwind of emotions these days. I was overwhelmed by anger, sadness and guilt. But in the end I don’t feel a deep love and great respect for Dylan. It's a real hard. I'm sorry that this accident has caused pain and suffering to his friends and family, as well as my wonderful team. Dylan will get better. After a few weeks of rest, he will return and we will finish all this adventure together. "

The filming is suspended of course, and it is almost certain that the film and its release will take considerable delay, but the important thing is that Dylan O'Brien recovers well and quickly!