Once Upon a Time S5 E13: new trailer featuring Hercules

In the wake of the first mid-season, ABC aired the trailer for "Labor of Love" episode 13 of season 5 of "Once Upon a Time."

The return of Once Upon a Time has kept all its promises, with episode 12 that plunged us into the Underworld with Emma and her family, in the footsteps of Hook. A dangerous new world, led by the very dark Hades. Emma will face a real obstacle course to find her beloved.

In the trailer for episode 13, fans will encounter Hercules. This is stressed by Prince Charming and Snow White, to defeat the beast Cerberus, the three-headed dog that terrorizes the population of Storybrooke. Hercules will be interpreted by Jonathan Whitesell, a young actor who played in The Hollow and The 100.

In an interview to TV Line, the actor Sean Maguire, aka Robin Hood, addressed the following events. "We're going to hell so I do not think you will witness good times. Regarding the way that Robin will take, I can not tell you. There will be obstacles everywhere. Many faces from the past will resurface and they will not be pleased to see our heroes. If Once Upon A Time was a film of the Star Wars franchise, it would be the Empire Strikes Back. This will become very dark, it will become very scary and there will be a lot of surprises. "