Once Upon a Time S5 E16 new trailer featuring Hades and Zelena

In the wake of episode 15, ABC released the trailer “Our Decay”, episode 16 of season 5 of Once Upon a Time. Zelena reappeared in the Underworld together with Hades.

The secret of Hades begins to unravel. His connection with Zelena will no longer be hidden. Regina will return to her former partner in the Underworld. Hades was previously come to visit the Oz witch after being warned of his powers. But the leader of the Underworld has had some ups and downs that will be explored in the scenes of flashbacks. Hades wants to create a portal between his kingdom and Storybrooke.

In the trailer of Our Decay, Hades and Zelena find themselves together and the episode should look at the supporters of their history. Zelena is seen in tears at the end of the trailer:

In an interview with TV Line, Jennifer Morrison evokes the spirit of his group and the confrontation with Hades: "We are a team more cohesive now. We went through a lot more things that at the time of Neverland, and finding all these people in the Underworld, we're back in a situation where we can be heroes and help them. While in Storybrooke we help people get their happy ending, we now help people resolve their unfinished business, and so it will remind us of the things of seasons 1 and 2. "

Our characters are more a hero and take maximum risks. For his part, Sean Maguire - aka Robin Hood - was much more pessimistic: "Many faces from the past will resurface and they will not be pleased to see our heroes. If Once Upon A Time was a film of the Star Wars franchise, it would be the Empire Strikes Back. This will become very dark, it will become very scary and there will be a lot of surprises.

Once Upon a Time episode 16 of season 5 will premier on ABC on April 3.