Stardew Valley: Tips for plants, gifts, mine and pickaxe

In Stardew Valley, you have to take care of the weathered country, build it into a flourishing farm to start a new life. Therefore it is necessary to cultivate the fields, grow new plants and to care for the animals living there. It is also important to defeat enemies that wait especially at night or can be found in dark caves. In addition to enemies, the game also offers weapons. Besides, the character finds precious jewels and builds your own house with numerous decorations. In the game you can earn points even while exploring the map and you can practice many cooking and crafting recipes. Here we give you some tips on living in Stardew Valley.

Tips for Animals and Plants

- In the first year, it is difficult to take care of many animals. To survive, each animal needs a hay bale per day. In the first winter it can be very costly to care cows, chickens and other animals. The fishing is more effective and brings more money.

- Set on rare plants: Invest your money in crops, because that is worthwhile in the end. Among the plants include eg. Blueberries, pumpkin, cranberry, melon or eggplant. Always plant them at the beginning of each new month.

- If anything is interfering in the ground, then use your pickaxe to make the soil usable.

- To save time during the irrigation and management of plants, you should definitely get fertilizer and a sprinkler system. Fertilizer can also improve the quality of your crops. Of course you can then use the saved time for other tasks, such as fishing.

Tips for Mine

- The irrigation of the plants takes a long time to complete. Therefore use rainy days for other tasks, for example, to continue working in the mine. Incidentally, be released only after a few weeks you play the mines.

- To reach the next stage in the mine, you have to find the ladder. But here it is decided randomly, how to reach the next level. Sometimes you must also defeat enemies and indeed every individual, which is located on the lower level. Then suddenly the ladder may falls down but you may also use a shaped conductor.

Tips for Tools

- Once you earned some money, you can upgrade your watering system, the pick and the ax. So you can increase the potential of your work and save even more time. In addition, you have the opportunity to tap other resources, such as large rocks or stumps, what a decisive factor for your success. You will then need to degrade even fewer hits.

- Worms contain hidden valuable items: If you find worms use your hoe and try to meet them. If you have reached a hit, then you can obtain useful artifacts randomly.

Tips for Gifts and Objects

- Rare artifacts can be sold to the Museum. While it may be tempting to the items for sale, but if you give them to the museum, then you can expect great rewards.

- A stack of objects can be again divided or broken. This is useful if you want to keep a particular item. Pressing Shift and click at the same time the right mouse button, then the articles are divided.

- You need to produce articles and other items you can use in order to have an additional income. So you can produce barrels or an apiary and have the possibility to invest anything.

- Repair the bridge on the beach as soon as you can. Then you also have the opportunity to collect a variety of marine objects that bring you money. These include, for example. Mussels or sea urchins. These items can be used as gifts for the villagers.
- Speaking of gifts: With them you can make friends quickly with many NPCs, because with the help of other inhabitants you can reach important quests. Moreover, it is an ambitious goal to marry in Stardew Valley. You can then even have children. When gifting you should really pay attention to what the individual NPC likes and dislikes. But you can give presents only twice a week. Therefore, you should start early.

- In order not to miss any festivals or birthdays, you should check every day the bulletin board in Pierre's shop so you will not miss a villager to hand over a gift.

- Shoes and rings don’t belong in the inventory: When you placed the boots and rings at the corresponding place in the main menu, then you can benefit from them.

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