Stardew Valley: tips on making gold / money fast

One of the main objectives of Stardew Valley is, in addition to creating relationships with NPCs and the activation of achievements, of course, to earn as much money. The money implemented in the game in gold. Without gold you have a little chance of enlarge and decorate your house or to reach other cool items.

Especially at the beginning of the game it is important to gain access to money quickly. You start with 500 gold and this money you should spend to buy seeds, because you can earn more gold with the crops later. Especially in spring you can well start with potatoes and cauliflower because this vegetable can be harvested quickly.

Always make sure to water the plants every day in the game. If the plants don’t grow, then you can’t sell them and would also not generate gold. It is therefore advisable to spend some money in your hand for a sprinkler - it saves you a lot of time. In addition, you should get fertilizer, with them the quality of your crop yields improve significantly and get more money on the sale. After some time Stardew Valley also offers the possibility to produce the fertilizer on your own land - this can save money.

Another tip to save money: usually your plants wither at the end of each month. Therefore, it is recommended that you always reinvested money in new crops at beginning of the month, and then only you can achieve a high income over time.

Usually from the second or third month together you have enough money to buy the same 50 crops at once. The improvement of irrigation system for these plants proves to be a major hurdle, that gives you time for other things. For this reason, we advise you to expand and improve the quality of your sprinkler. In addition, you should have purchased multiple sprinklers in order to save time.

Use the time for other tasks to make money after watering. Even on rainy days it is quite possible to save time, since you don’t need to water the plant. You can then continue to work, for example in the mine, or go fishing at the beach. Especially the fishing can be operated as an ideal and lucrative side income.

Use your "free time" to collect as many resources, such as wood and stones so you can expand your Farmer-house and also make your own items. If you produce yourself items such as a beehive or a wine barrel, then it saves unnecessary investments and you can build an additional revenue stream.

Also, with 300 you can repair wooden bridge on the beach and thus enable a new area. There you can collect new items every day for free - shells, corals and sea urchins.

In addition to grow crops in your farm, you can also keep animals and breed. In the beginning you should leave it because each animal needs a bale of hay per day and that is quite expensive in the long run and makes you a little room for other important investments. Our tip: buy animals only if you have saved up a little money. Therefore, fishing and working in the mine cost you less money.

You should focus your goal on maintaining the crop, as they bring the most money in Stardew Valley.

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