Teen Wolf Season 6: Cody Christian - Theo is probably dead

Cody Christian, aka Theo in Teen Wolf, was speaking in an interview for Melty on the future of his character and also on the show itself!

While the fifth season of Teen Wolf was ended a few weeks ago on MTV, there is already talking of the new season. On this occasion, Theo Cody Christian performer in the series gave an interview to Melty. In the last episode of season 5, his character was sucked into a giant hole in his dead sister. The actor was speaking on the subject there: "She would have landed in any case! That's a lesson I learned at Beacon Hill: never consider someone like death. "

The young man then turned on Season 5 of Teen Wolf and admits: "I adored I was anxious that the fans see it as soon as it was filmed. I found that the way the story was told and was concluded in this season 5B was brilliant. My hat goes to screenwriters and producers. "

A possible return of Theo?

Still in the same interview, Cody Christian returned to the possible return of his character in Season 6 of Teen Wolf . He explains: "I repeat: we must never consider someone like Theo died at Beacon Hill, he is probably dead…could be a stray skin walker into the abyss…could also struggle to get out of hell. I have honestly no idea. It's the kind of questions that Season 6 will respond. "

He went on to say: "If there is an interesting plot that involves Theo, I'm sure he will return. But right now, I cannot give a definitive answer."

He concluded by confessing: "As a fan, I miss the series tremendously When the series was broadcast, even if I was part of the creative process, I was always excited to see the finished product. I found myself waiting for each new episode, week after week. As an actor, words cannot describe how much I miss being on set with the rest of the cast to tell the story of Theo."