The Walking Dead S6 E12 new trailer with Rick / Negan

In the wake of episode 11, AMC unveils the trailer for Not Yet Tomorrow, episode 12 of season 6 of The Walking Dead. Rick and his group prepare to face the Saviors leader Negan.

Rick brings his group and explains how he intends to tackle the saviors of Negan. Jesus is present and gives guidance on the positions of Saviors. In the trailer, we see Morgan listen carefully to the instructions of Rick. But things may jam at this level between the two protagonists.

Everything suggests that Morgan will not accept to fight with the Saviors, who had already saved the Wolves in the first half of the season. Rick and his friends yet short of food and have made a pact with Gregory in order to gather enough resources.

The producers had announced that Negan - played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan - will make his appearance at the end of season 6, however, the producers would not be in their first attempt in terms of false advertisements. We remember that they had suggested that Glenn had died after the suicide of Nicholas.

Compared with Comics, we see a clear rapprochement during this season 6. "It is known to change things, we retain the right to do so. It has to serve the story we want to tell and our characters first. We added some characters like Daryl, others live while they are dead in the comics or vice versa ... it changes the dynamic. It is on a parallel track but it's still crucial for us to honor the comic without which there would be no series. "said producer Gale Anne Hurd to Comicbook.