Beat the first boss Iudex Gundyr in Dark Souls 3

Iudex Gundyr is a powerful knight in Dark Souls 3. You have no other option than to defeat him with your starter class to progress in the game.

Shortly before you reach the Firelink Shrine, you will encounter Iudex Gundyr in the Cemetery of Ash. He kneels in the middle of the battle zone, if you enter the gate. But he will not attack you. To arrange the first boss battle, you should go directly to him and hit his shoulder with your sword.

Only now the first boss battle is initiated. In return, Iudex Gundyr reaches his halberd, which is so long that it has a huge reach. This is a hybrid of cutting and stabbing weapon that looks like a spear with an ax to it.

Overall, the fight is divided into two phases. The first phase uses Iudex Gundyr his halberd. Later, when you have dropped his life energy to 50% he breaks out of his body and produces huge, snakelike tumors with which he increases his reach throughout the fight. Moreover, Iudex Gundyr battle with the following:

- Fast and strong wiper attacks: Iudex Gundyr takes his halberd to help and move his gun quickly or strongly in a kind of wiping movement from one side to the other. He makes use of the entire range of his halberd.

Tip: You should definitely stay in motion and walk away while Iudex Gundyr strikes the blow and raises his arm.

- Jump attack: If the distance between you and Iudex Gundyr has become too long, then bring your opponents to jump over and then attack you with his halberd battle.

Tip: Try to save you at the right moment with an evasive roll. Beware, because after Iudex Gundyr clear from the jump when landing in a crouch, he is also just as quickly back on and will attack you again.

- Shock attack: Here Iudex Gundyr jump - similar to the jump attack - in the height. In the charge but he drills his halberd in ground combat.

Tip: You should avoid in any case, otherwise the halberd could pierce you. Since Iudex Gundyr takes few seconds to position himself again after an attack, you should use those seconds to give him a few punches.

- Fast combo attack: using his halberd set Iudex Gundyr rapid interaction of multiple attack skills to fight. Tip: soft in any case.

Additional tips for controlling Iudex Gundyr

First phase of the basttle against Iudex Gundyr:

- In the first phase you can still quite easily escape, so keep away a counter-blow.

- Since you are on your first step in leveling, you should increase the use of evasive action before he makes. To permanently block attacks with the shield, your character is unfortunately still too weak.

Second phase of the battle against Iudex Gundyr:

- In the second phase Iudex Gundyrs will be more quick, so you should try primarily to dodge the attacks of your opponent and then from behind give him a blow on the back or the side.

- Moreover, Iudex Gundyr is vulnerable to fire during the second phase. So here use your Firebombs to defeat the great knight quickly. You will find Firebombs on the way to the Cemetery of Ash.

- If you have chosen the starter class Pyromancer, then Iudex Gundyr should actually not be a problem for you. Using the Pyromancy you can have your enemy wipe out very quickly, because you can take advantage of his fire sensitivity using the spell of Pyromancy Flames.

This loot awaits you after defeating Iudex Gundyr

Your reward at the end of the fight with Iudex Gundyr the Coiled Sword that you have to put in the appropriate place in Firelink Shrine. So you activate the large bonfire / beacon. Furthermore, you will also receive 3000 souls. With them you can further improve your character. Finally, you can also get two achievements "Iudex Gundyr" and "Embrace the Flame".

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