The 100 S3 E10: new trailer featuring Abby and Jaha!

The CW has released the trailer for "Fallen", episode 10 of season 3 of "The 100", featuring Jaha and Abby.

Abby forced to discover the City of Lights

Clarke's mother is in a very uncomfortable situation. Taken hostage by Thelonious Jaha, Abby wanted above all to protect the family. Jaha will do anything to topple the inhabitants of Arcadia in the City of Lights, making them swallow his famous pills that remove the painful memories of individuals.

Abby keeps great skepticism on the pill and its side effects. Jaha but try to make him swallow force. For his part, Jasper is in panic while Raven is looking for a solution to prevent the spread of Jaha plan.

The 100: Bellamy will have to choose sides

The relationship between Bellamy and his sister Octavia turns sour. Lincoln has disappeared and Clarke will have to gather the troops and prevent Ontario to rule over the twelve clans.

Interviewed by Showbiz Junkies at the Los Angeles Wondercon, Bobby Morley was speaking about his character (Bellamy) and his relationship with Clarke: "It is with Clarke that Bellamy as opens, he is most honest about his feelings. I think it started in episode 8 of season 1, when they hallucinate both and they must kill someone together. He confides in her about the guilt he feels and it lays the foundation of their relationship. I hope they will come to find that, that link honest, open and trust that unites them because they are a good team. According to what is going further, it is not my decision. "