The Vampire Diaries S7 E17: new trailer with Stefan and Damon

While the season 7 of The Vampire Diaries is in full swing, The CW has unveiled trailer for episode 17, entitled I WENT TO THE WOODS, featuring Stefan and Damon.

The character played by Paul Wesley will play big in this 17th episode. After many flash-forwards in the previous episode, the plot will revolve around Stefan, who will continue his journey between life and death if he wishes to survive. Damon's decisions could prove fatal to his brother. The eldest Salvatore follows his side an unexplored track to catch up.

Valerie will be sent to Dallas for Matt to convince Alaric to find Stefan. The vampire hunter Rayna continues his hunt and will hope to arrive before the others find Stefan.

The Vampire Diaries: The series already renewed for an eighth season

The CW recently confirmed the renewal of the eighth season, to the surprise of fans who feared that The Vampire Diaries may discontinue, especially because of the loss of hearing due to the departure of Nina Dobrev.

Interviewed by TV Line, Ian Somerhalder evokes his side the strained relationship between Damon and Bonnie. "Bonnie is not at all happy with him. And why should she be? He abandoned her. There are no two ways to see this. So she’s going to have to rebuild all for the rest of the season. "Trust the actor before be very critical of his own character:" As Stefan, Bonnie went to great lengths to help and she never got anything positive in return. And yet she is trying so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt because they are bonded. There’s a bond there. She’s his best friend, but Damon is the biggest burden of this planet. "