The Walking Dead S6: Photo of Negan with his bat (Lucille)

AMC has unveiled the first photo of the most evil character of Comics starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Negan in Season 6 of "The Walking Dead, with his famous baseball bat in barbed wire, referred to as" Lucille ".

After 15 tense episodes, many questions arise. Whether Daryl is alive? What will happen to Glenn, Rosita and Michonne, retained by the Saviors? In what state is Carol? The season finale - a special 90 minutes - obviously gives some answers.

Interviewed a few weeks ago by TV Guide, the actor did not mince words in describing the features of his character: "I can assure you, Negan is one of the greatest TV villains ever created. And besides, this is the best villain of the comics that I discovered. It is both amazing, awesome, fun, charming, and why it is so terrifying is that it is not totally insane. "