Containment S1 E4 trailer “With Silence and Tears” unveiled

Containment is the new series of Julie Pec, the creator of The Vampire diaries. It is now several weeks since the show has been on the air and the tension builds slowly but surely. While the episode 3 was unveiled yesterday, the trailer of episode 4 has just been released!

For those who don’t know Containment, here is a brief summary of the story: A doctor who begins to have strange symptoms, Very quickly, many patients begin to fall sick and die. The authorities of the city of Atlanta decided to close the district and put all the people in quarantine. Completely isolated from the world, the population will have to stick together and prevent contamination.

While the episode 3 Containment was broadcasted last night, we invite you to watch the trailer of episode 4 titled “With Silence and Tears”.

Chris Wood confides about his character

Among the actors who play Containment including Chris Wood, who played the evil Kai in The Vampire Diaries, assured his role in Containment has nothing to do with his character in the vampire series. Indeed, Chris Wood plays a policeman who finds himself in the middle of the quarantine area and he will have to make crucial choices.

In an interview for CW, the actor was speaking on his new role. He explains: "I play Jake Riley officer. This is someone quite stale because of everything he has experienced in his life. This is a good guy, he is deeper than he seems. Over the episodes, we can discover what lies behind the mask he wears every day ... "

So for those who still hesitate, we highly recommend this new series!