Fallout 4: cheat codes for God Mode, new weapons and items

Fallout 4 can be a little easier with cheats. With Console Command Cheats you not only unlock God Mode, but also conjure coveted items and unlock certain abilities. Of course, it is up to you, whether you want to use cheats or not in Fallout 4. What cheats are available for Fallout 4 and what they do; we'll show you in the following.

Please note that these codes function only on the PC. You can open the command console by pressing ~ (tilde) key.

Cheats for God Mode

tgm - The famous God Mode! You are invulnerable and have infinite ammo and action points.
tmm 1 - All places on the world map display.
unlock - Open the targeted door or the terminal.
Kill - Kill target.
KillAll - Kill all NPCs within.
tai - The AI of the targeted NPC is turned on or off.
TCAi - The AI of the targeted NPC is turned on or off in the fight.
tcl - Turn collision detection on or off. If it is off, you can pass through objects and walls.
tfc - Free roaming - You can move with the camera in all directions.
player.additem – Add to your inventory added an item that you have to specify an extra means of Item Code (See next table).
player.placeatm - An object or NPC appears within, if you use the correct item code (see next table).
kill - Kill the NSC with the appropriate ID number. Alternatively, you can also select the enemy and kill him with the command "kill" in the console.
resurrect - The NSC with the matching ID number is revived. Alternatively, you can also simply click on the NPC and "resurrect" Enter to revive him.
setgs fJumpHeightMin - Increase your jump distance to the specified number in parenthesis.
player.setav speed mult - Multiplying your storm speed by the number specified in the brackets.
tm - Hide all menus and screen elements. Optimal for screenshots.
setScale [number from 1 to 10] - Increases the size of the targeted object.
sexchange - Change character's gender.
coc qasmoke - Teleport you in a room full of boxes containing all the objects in the game.
set timescale to - Speed up or slow down the time in the game. 1 is stopped, 16 is normal speed and go at 10,000 days ago in seconds.
Tdetect - The AI can no longer find you.
player.modav - Increase the specified skill by the value in the second bracket.
player.setlevel - Increase your level to the number specified in brackets.
caqs - Complete the main quest line of the game.

Cheats for Items and Bobblehead

If you don’t feel like searching the whole wasteland to find these dolls, simply use the following codes to unlock them all.
0000000F - Bottle Caps
00178B5D - Bobblehead (perception)
00178B56 - Bobblehead (energy weapons)
00178B62 - Bobblehead (language)
00178B5C - Bobblehead (melee)
00178B58 - Bobblehead (intelligence)
00178B53 - Bobblehead (Big Guns)
00178B54 - Bobblehead (Charisma)
00178B63 - Bobblehead (starch)
00178B5E - Bobblehead (repair)
00178B52 - Bobblehead (action)
00178B64 - Bobblehead (Martial Arts)
00178B55 - Bobblehead (endurance)
00178B5A - Bobblehead (happiness)
00178B51 - Bobblehead (Agility)
0004835F - Nuka Cola Quantum
00023742 - Rad Away
00075FE4 - Fusion core
00023736 - Stimpak
0004D1F2 - Duct tape
00069087 - Fiber Optics
00069081 - Screw
0006907A - Aluminum
00069086 - Nuclear material
00059B2B - Toy Alien
001A899B - Large baby bottle
00154AD2 - Circuit board, Military Standard
00069082 - Feather
0006907B - Circuits
00059A83 - Camera
000AEC5E - Ceramics

Cheats for Weapons and Ammunition

Are you tired to bring always new ammunition because your best weapon spits out anything? Then the following cheats for weapons in Fallout 4 are certainly ideal for you because that you gives you access to infinite ammo.

00171B2B -Kryolator
0018ABE2 - Cryo-Cell
0001F669 - Minigun
0001F66C - 5mm ammunition
000E6B2E - Mini-bomb
FF00272D - .308 ammo
FF003561 - .38 ammunition
FF002685 - .44 ammunition
FF002339 - Alien blaster ammo
FF0027CF - Cannonball
FF0015FD - Gasoline for the flamethrowers
FF001E8A - Fusion cell
FF002843 - Gamma ammunition
FF003983 - Rocketry
FF00366B - Plasma cartridge
FF002979 - Railroad Spikes
000BD56F - Fatman
000E6B2E - Mini-bomb
000DC8EF - Deliverer
FF002E24 - Flamethrower
FF002E1F - Gatling laser
FF0036D3 - Gauss Rifle
FF0031DC - Rocket launcher
FF0017F0 - Power fist
FF0019F9 - Revolution sword
FF0026CE - Railway Gun
FF0031B5 - Submachine gun
FF00268C - Combat shotgun
FF001E22 - Walking Cane
FF0031B5 - Ripper
FF002C79 - Grognak's ax
00225B5E - Kremvh's Tooth
FF00364A - Shem Drowne Sword
FF011A74 - Lorenzo's Artifact Gun
FF001532 - Doner knife
FF001A23 - Suppressed Pistol Deliverer
FF003687 - 2076 World Series baseball bat
FF001DEC - Zeta Gun
FF0010EA - Alien Blaster
FF0036C9 - Broadsider
FF001795 - Experiment 18-A

Cheats for Armor and Uniforms / Collars

In Fallout 4 there are cheats for uniforms because Dogmeat eventually must also look good and get better protection. Then for you there is a power armor or a suit from one of the numerous vaults. Use the following cheat codes to access various armors.

FF001CD6 - Minutemen general's uniform
FF001EBC - Minutemen General Shut
FF000DF8 - Kellogg's Outfit
FF003687 - Colonial Duster
FF0036C9 - Grognak's costume
FF001F66 - Radiation Protection Suit
FF00281B - Quinlan's Armor
FF002B82 - Vault 81 Suit
FF00396F - Vault 114 suit
FF001E77 - Vault 111 suit
FF001BAD - Vault 101 suit
00154ABF - T-45 helmet
00154ABD - T-45 Left Arm
00154AC0 - T-45 Left Leg
00154ABE - T-45 Right Arm
00154AC1 - T-45 Right Leg
00154AC2 - T-45 Torso
00140C4A - T-60 helmet
00140C3D - T-60 Left Arm
00140C49 - T-60 Left Leg
00140C45 - T-60 Right Arm
00140C3F - T-60 Right Leg
00140C42 - T-60 Torso
00154AC5 - X-01 Helmet
00154AC3 - X-01 Left Arm
00154AC6 - X-01 Left Leg
00154AC4 - X-01 Right Arm
00154AC7 - Right leg
00154AC8 - X-01 Torso
001B5ACC - Light Armor (Dogmeat)
001C32C7 - Heavy Armor (Dogmeat)
00034602 - Dog Collar (Dogmeat)
0018B210 - Dogs helmet (Dogmeat)
0018B210 - Dog collar (chain) (Dogmeat)
0009C05B - Red Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E917 - Blue Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E922 - Gunners Camo Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E923 - Gunners green bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E91B - Leopard Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E91C - Jangles Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E91D - Skull Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E925 - "Stars and Stripes"-Bandana (Dogmeat)
0017E924 - Striped Bandana (Dogmeat)

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