The 100 S3: Lexa will she return to face Clarke?

While The 100 season 3 soon comes to an end, Eliza Taylor gave an interview to TV Guide in which she discusses the season finale and the fate of her character (Clarke).

Will Lexa return in the City of Lights? The assumption seems probable, according to the latest statements of Eliza Taylor. In the trailer for the final season, we see from Clarke in the City of Lights to the chagrin of the ALIE. "Clarke is clearly well be faced with something she would never have. I don’t know how to tell you more without spoil anyone, but one thing is for sure, fans of the series will be very, very happy "Tell Eliza Taylor.

A statement which immediately think of Lexa, killed during episode 7 by a stray bullet from Titus. Clarke, however, will not have much time if she wants to enjoy intimate moments with Lexa, as she is given out to destroy the ALIE. "I hope that Clarke could love anyone again that either a woman or a man "Adds Eliza Taylor, before continuing:" Personally I think it will take a long time, because really liked Lexa and Clarke and her death has left a void that cannot be filled. In my view, we must let time to Clarke for this intimate wound heals. "

Clarke is not yet ready to live a new love story. "She could do it, but it would be too quickly deny that Lexa is her great love" concludes Eliza Taylor. Meanwhile, she and her friends will have strong case if they want to overcome the ALIE. The pretty blonde can count on the support of Roan and some Grounders. Unclear whether the balance of power shift in favor of our heroes.

The 100: Perverse Instantiation: Part Two will air on May on The CW.