The 100 S3: the synopsis of episode 15 unveiled

The CW has unveiled some of the synopsis of episode's 15 of season 3 of "The 100". It is mainly about the performance of the ALIE, Polis.

While Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper went in search of Luna ask him to take the post of Commander, the ALIE extends her influence in Polis. Kane is held captive and forced to reveal where Clarke is. Murphy tries to launch a revolt with the prisoners.
About episode 15, The CW says that Clarke finds hope in a very unlikely place, while the ALIE soon receives her purpose and may take shape. Our heroes will be in the City of Lights.

In an Interview with the Enstarz, actor Christopher Larkin - alias Monty - evoked the season finale with words to the less chilling for fans "The first time I read the script for episode 16, I 'shocked. I knew some things that were coming before reading so I was somewhat prepared, but all I knew was devastating. And not just for my character, it's horrible for everyone. "

The dead are to be expected and no one knows if those who passed the side of the ALIE will be recoverable. Especially one thinks Abby or Kane. Raven managed to escape in extremis thanks to the help of Clarke. We know that the director Jason Rothenberg is able to eliminate one of the main characters, as he had done with Lexa in episode 7, which had caused great anger among fans.