The Division Conflict Update brings bug fixes / new content

With the new update 1.2. Conflict, Ubisoft enters the next phase of the MMO Shooter The Division. In addition to many bug fixes, the new DLC also includes a lot of new content. Other new features include the sealed containers or search-and-destroy missions. If you are looking for new adventures on the streets of New York, read our overview of the features of The Division: Conflict below:

New Incursion: Clear sky

The Conflict updates will include new incursion calls 'Clear Sky' and lures with new equipment, more story and tougher challenges. In this incursion you are faced with the Rikers and you get set equipment as a reward if you complete the Clear sky mission.

- In difficult: brings equipment with a Gearscore of 204 and 214
- In challenging: there is equipment with a Gearscore of 204 and 240

New high-end weapons and equipment sets in Update 1.2. Conflict

The Division receives new equipment. With conflict you get access to four new high-end weapons and equipment sets. These have already been presented in the trailer – here, we have summarized them for you.

High end-Weapons:

- MedVed Saiga12 Shotgun
- Hungry Hog M60 LMG
- Historian M1A MMR
- Centurion M1911 Pistol

Equipment sets:

- Character of the Predator (Forward / supporters)
- Final Measure (bomb disposal / defense)
- Lone Hero (Survivor / DPS)
- Loyalty of the Hunter (precision contactors)

In The Division: Conflict allows players with about 200 Gearscore to enter a new Dark Zone Angle (Bracket). There you expect NPCs of levels 32-34, and of course the best PvP Loot at present.

- In the Dark Zone, with the 1.2 update you can now hijack other player’s loot.
- You cut off the rope, to which the loot of other players is fixed and so get the full loot.
- Thereby you will also mark as Renegade and immediately a target for the other agent.
- The fortified prey is no longer "safe" when you have fixed.
- In addition, the new sealed containers drop in the Dark Zone.
- These include mysterious objects / items that need to be picked.

Search and Destroy missions in The Division: Conflict

In The Division, now also appear search and destruction missions.

- These are only available if you have completed all the encounters and side missions.
- You will receive the respective missions in Safe House
- They lead you to enemies in groups of varying difficulty.
- There are daily and quality issues.
- For some groups are needed.

By Search and Destroy missions you get information about reputable opponents. After the LMB was repulse, the other parties to seize power and you can measure with their leaders.

General information on The Division: Conflict

Some talents are fixed with the update 1.2.

- Reckless: Talent for body armor
- One is None: Talent from the security area
- Balanced Weapon: weapons talent
- More Force Drops and less mods.

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