All Hatches - Trapdoor Locations in Dead by Daylight

There is a trap door in the same place on many maps in Dead by Daylight. But it is not immediately opened and is actually placed randomly. Nevertheless, there are probably several fixed locations that trap doors will appear. In addition, the difficulty is not merely to find the trapdoor, but also to open. What options you have, you will find out them below.

If you want to open a trapdoor, then you have two choices here. Either you repair and turn on two generators or find the Skeleton Key. When a trap door opens, you can hear it, if you stand close to it. If you get a chance to escape through the trapdoor, then you will receive an Achievement as a reward. In addition, you’ll get more blood points 2,000 - 5,000 for the successful escape. Below we give you possible locations of trapdoors.

Hillbilly - Coldwind Farm Trapdoor

The hillbilly will hunt you on the farm of his parents, who had hidden their son because they were ashamed of him. So be careful don’t suffer the same fate as his parents, you should try to get away from him quickly. At following places on the Coldwind Farm, you will probably find a Hatch

- Rotten Fields: You will probably find one at the corner of the cornfield and near the exit.
- Torment Creek: Here, the trapdoor has predominantly revealed near the fallen silos.
- Thompson's House: On the lower porch of the big house, you will definitely find the trapdoor.
- Rancid Abbitoir: Here it is again in the cornfields or to the pallet walls of wood. However, the probability is high that the trapdoor will spawn near the tree, hanging on the cows and pigs.

Trapper - Mcmillan Farm Trapdoor

Even the Trapper scored his tragic story in Dead by Daylight. His father died, and led him to commit an incredible mass murder. If you don’t want to be one of his victims, then you should try to escape quickly through the trap door or another way. At the following locations on them Mcmillan Farm you will probably find a Trapdoor:

- Ironworks Misery: The trapdoor on this map, is the large factory. You will find it on the ground floor near the generator. Look between the pipes.
- Coal Tower: This trapdoor can be found on an outside wall of a building. If you see stacked cable drums, then you know that you are on the right place as they are right next to the Hatch.
- Coal Mine Shaft: This is the place where the great misfortune happened. After the trapdoor you must necessarily search at the outer walls of the mine, because here it will definitely emerge.
- Sheltered Woods: Here finding the trapdoor is somewhat complicated. They spawn in the forests of trees, but unfortunately not always in the same place.

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Wraith - Autohaven Wreckers Trapdoor

Wraith (Ghost) is on the loose again in the junkyard but you can prevent him, and rescue his other victims as well as. If you want to get away from him through the trapdoor, and get the extra points for the abbreviation, then search in the following locations:

- Azarov’s Resting Place: Here it is unfortunately difficult to give exact details. The trapdoor can be seen on outer walls of buildings, near generators and between trees. Find those places quickly to find the Hatch.
- Blood Cottage: This trap door at Dead by Daylight ye shall find the lowest level of blood Lodge. Search the Hatch at the stairs.
- Wreckers Yard: Again, the location of the trapdoor is unclearly. You may find it close to generators and through the trees.
- Wretched Shop: On the rare of the building search between drums and trees to find this trapdoor.

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